January 21, 2013

Ma Cherie Perfect Shower

Do you wake up with a new hairstyle everyday?? Or after a hairwash, it's so unruly you give up and have to tie your hair in a bun? Well, I have wavy hair and it almost always gives me a headache after a hairwash because I do not like to blow dry my hair and will tend to leave it to dry itself. After drying, my hair will be like....


If I comb it, it'll still have flyaways and it's worst if it's out in the strong wind! I'll look like a mad woman =.= And so, hair oil, serum or mist is a MUST after my hair dries!

Or else, it'll be a bad hair day with dry ends and frizzy hair =( 

Japanese brand, Ma Cherie has come out with a range of perfect shower sprays to suit different hair types! And the first time I tried it at the preview of Ma Cherie at Shiseido headquarters, I fell in love with it =))

There are three types; Perfect Shower Smooth for light, lustrous, healthy hair, Perfect Shower Moist to add extra moisture on hair and Perfect Shower Wave to rejuvenate flat hair and curls. The first two is mainly for straight hair and the third one is for wavy and curly hair.

Since I have naturally wavy hair, I'm using the Perfect Shower Wave.

The bottle is dark pink and the packaging is so pweety =))

Ma Cherie- the solution to my unruly hair!

Just lightly spray on semi dry hair after wash or on dry hair after waking up. 

Comb it and let it to dry. The left side is before the mist and the right is after.

The effect is immediate. After spraying and combing and scrunching hair, my hair became less frizzy and more manageable. My wavy hair looks more rejuvenated.

TA-DAH!! Shiny, manageable wavy hair =)

The first thing you'll notice is the fruity fragrance of the spray! This gentle hair mist is formulated with Champagne Honey Glee that's why there's a sweet Champagne smell! It is not too harsh on the nose and it's just lightly fragrant. 

The Perfect Shower range is priced at RM39.90 each for a 250ml bottle.

Ma Cherie means my sweetheart <3

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