January 25, 2013

Rita Ora album review

Rita Ora's self titled debut album is fun and most of the songs are fit for clubbing. The radio friendly ones are How We Do(Party), RIP and Shine Ya Light.

The 12 track album is of fun contemporary pop music suitable for dance parties. The album starts off with a short pumped up intro of 'Facemelt' and moving towards more pop dance-y and radio friendly tunes.

She's only 21 years old and she definitely sounds more matured than her perceived age. Besides the radio chart topping songs, there are some catchy tunes which are my favourites like 'Roc the Life', 'Uneasy' and 'Fall in Love'. On the other hand, the slower ballads of 'Love and War', 'Been Lying' and 'Hello, Hi, Goodbye' showed her prospective vocal side.

Since this is her debut album, there's no previous records to compare to. However, if you like the likes of Rihanna and Kesha, this would do you well =)

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