January 21, 2013

Green Day DOS!

DOS is the second album of Green Day's ninth record which is a trilogy. 'Dos' means two in Spanish so this is the second installment of the trilogy. It was said to be more edgy and more garage rock from the first installment, 'Uno'.

Hence, I was surprised when I first started with the first track, 'See you tonight' where it was mellow and slow and not a pumped up rock song. However, it all made sense after when mid-song it went high tempo and from then on towards the later tracks, it definitely sounded like what Green Day as a rock band would produce!

I have known Green Day since high school and have been a fan of some of their hit songs. This album stayed true to their self and holds semblance of sound that reminds you of who they are.

Some of my favourites include 'Wild One', 'Stray Heart' which is a heartbreaking song, 'Nightlife and 'Amy', the final track which gave the album a great ending.

The 13-track album is a fun album though I won't call it memorable. It's a garage-y treat and should only be treated as that.

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