January 7, 2013

Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing foam

Senka skincare range is now available in Watson's and I'm sure some or most have come across Japan's best selling cleanser; Senka Perfect Whip!! You might have seen it reviewed in Singaporean blogs as well. But now, it's available in Malaysia!! Wee~

It's definitely perfect! You'll see why ^^

The gentle-on-skin foam can be easily whipped up to form soft and cushion-like dense foam. You only need a pea size plus water to create a huge foam forming in your hand.

For a fluffier and bouncier foam, you can use a brush and bowl to whip it.

It'll ended up in a bowl of soft and cushion like foam. It was so much fun to whip and play with it =)

But if you're in a hurry, a less time consuming way is just lathering it up in your palm for a foamy lather!!

It is light and airy yet super dense and won't fall off your palm. It defies gravity hehe It has all the qualities of a good foam wherein it has elasticity as well as a fine and even texture.

It is 5x more dense than any other foam cleansers and penetrates the pores, absorbing impurities.

This is actually my first time using a foam clenaser this thick and I was having fun playing with it!! It took cleansing face to a whole new level *laughs*

Tiny blobs all over the face.

It's so sponge-y and so soft!

I could even draw up a heart shape LOL

Went a lil overboard playing with foams =p

Finally, after washing it off, my face felt so refreshed, deeply cleansed and moisturised!! It doesn't strip skin of important moisture but maintain skin's natural oil *loves*

I'm so in love with my Perfect Whip =))

Best part is that it only retails for RM19.90. How's that for a super reasonable price with a fantastic cleanser? And for a tube that big it can last very long as you'll only need a small amount daily. 

I say get yours today at Watson's outlets!!


  1. Which watson in kl can i buy senka?????

  2. Hai, sorry for not being helpful but as far as I know Watsons Sunway Pyramid sells Senka