January 11, 2013

L'OREAL Glam shine lipgloss

Ever looking for the ultimate shiny gloss? Now you can shine your pout with L'OREAL Glam shine gloss =)
Its claim: The first gloss that shines up to 6 hours!

Glam Shine lipgloss. See the huge number 6 on the front of the tube? That's the claim for 6 hours of shine.

Pearly Rose colour.

The unique slanting wand. Although the slant makes it so much easier for application but harder to take out from the tube.


AFTER. Glossy and plumper lips.

It really does have the shine effect as can be clearly seen. Especially if you go under bright lighting, your lips would stand out ^^ This is more suitable for night makeup.

It's non sticky and has hydrating and moisturising properties which is a good lip care so that it won't dry out after hours with the gloss application. 

The glossy shine is, unfortunately not that long lasting as claimed. At most, after four hours, the gloss will fade and you'll have to reapply. Further, it definitely cannot last till after meal like how a lipstick might still have a stay of colour. Nevertheless, on the first few hours, you can flaunt your lips and smile away =))

It comes in so many colours!! The pink hues are soo gorgeous and tempting!!

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