January 29, 2013

Senka Hoshitsu Lotion S(Fresh)

Senka, an all new Japanese skincare brand by Shiseido offers an array of textures range to suit women with different skincare needs. The Senka Hoshitsu lotion is quite the talk of the town due to its moisturising properties!

Researches at Senka discovered that most women are looking for a daily lotion which moisturises skin continuously and effectively. The Hoshitsu lotions, in Moist(for normal to dry skin) and Fresh(for normal to oily skin) are developed with the Micro-Moisture Manufacturing process that shrinks hydrating elements down to the micro level to provide creamy moisturising and hydration capabilities.

Pink cap is Moist(normal to dry skin) and white cap is Fresh(normal to oily skin)

Since I have oily skin, the lotion in Fresh is the most suitable for me.

This lotion infuses skin with abundant hydration to allow better absorption of other skincare properties into the stratum corneum of the skin. The texture is designed to not leave skin any sticky residue while retaining skin elasticity.

This lotion also contains extra hydrating ingredients namely the Double Hyaluronic Acid with integrated Royal Jelly GL to give skin a smooth and dewy quality.

There are three ways to use this lotion. After cleansing, you can pour the lotion on your palm and apply on face or pour the lotion on a piece of cotton, whichever suits you best. You can even use this as a mask! Just soak a mask with Senka Hoshitsu Lotion and apply on face.

My preferred way; pour on palm and dab on face. Only three drops are needed for the whole face. You can see how dense this lotion is as it's not watery and runny. 

After application, I realised it is full of moisture! Hence, it will take some time to dry. However, it is not sticky and leaves my face moisturised all day long! It's also very suitable for oily skin people as it locks in moisture without making skin feel sticky =))

This lotion is perfect to be used with Senka's Perfect Whip cleanser.

Fresh faced after application <3

Retails at RM39.90 and available at selected Watson's outlets.
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  1. is it suitable for a 15 year old girl??

  2. Hai, yes, it's suitable for all age =)

  3. Oh.. thnx, cuz i'm thinking of buying this but, I'm hving a hard time of deciding on Senka Hoshitsu, Hada Labo & SANA Nameraka Soy lotion and milk brand~ Oh yeah, and is it okay 2 apply it under the eye?

  4. I think it's fine for an overall face application! Though perhaps you may want to focus on eye products for under eyes.