January 25, 2013


How's 2013 treating all of you so far? I hope it's a better year for all =)

It's been awhile since I've done some nip and tuck to my blog *laughs* It's getting boring and it needed some change and so I changed my header as you would have noticed since it's so huge it won't go unnoticed =p Also, the colour layout is brighter as compared to the previous maroon.

So, yes that's a bit of a change and if you have any suggestions regarding my blog or my layout etc do not hesitate to e-mail me. I won't bite, I promise =)

Further, I've been truly blessed with loads of stuffs received due to blogging and I was being random one day when I tweeted this:

And well guess what? I've got a dress sponsorship and I couldn't have been happier!! Stay tuned to find out more in my upcoming posts!! This is one the girls wouldn't want to miss for a good bargain =)

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