January 3, 2013

Za Killer Volume Mascara

Za proudly introduces the ultra voluminous Killer Volume Mascara which carries up to 170% mascara liquid to deliver ultra thick and perfectly curled lashes that last all day long!

This Killer Volume Mascara definitely lived up to its name!

Introducing the Best. Mascara. Ever.

Za Killer Volume Mascara.

01 Real Black.

Clump free, Styling Wax for an upward volume and waterproof and smudge-resistant.

Let's put it to test.

The secret to this all-new mascara lies in its one-of-a-kind brush that is able to hold up more mascara liquid, thus coating individual lashes evenly.

Left eye- no mascara. Right- Za Mascara

Take a closer look:



The curling effect.

Thick and curled lashes!!

The best part was my lashes were held up by the styling wax for an upward curve volume the entire day! Lashes also looked thick and eyes immediately looked much bigger and more defined with just a few coats of mascara. It's definitely smudge free for an easy application =)

My friend even asked me whether I was wearing falsies *laughs* Well, my secret is the Za Killer Volume Mascara. It really gives you the doll-eyes effect!

Further, quite surprisingly it removes well considering there's styling wax. An oil based remover will easily remove the mascara entirely. There was no residue or leftover clumps *loves* 

RRP: RM34.90
Za Spring/Summer 2013 is available nationwide from this month onwards.

Thanks Shiseido!!


  1. Is the brush too big fr hooded lids?

  2. Hai, it's like any normal sized mascara brush. I won't think it's too big for any lids. It'll be fine =)

  3. Where can I get this ?

  4. Hi there, you can get this from selected pharmacies like Guardian, Watsons or Caring pharmacies =)