September 2, 2013

Avillion Admiral Cove, PD

I've been quite blessed to be able to do a lot more travelling this holiday. Last few holidays, I either spent my days working part time or was just lazing at home. But this time, I think I have covered a few tourist spots in Malaysia and I'm really glad I did =)

I normally don't do this but I just needed to rave about this awesome hotel. Few days back, I had a super short road trip to Port Dickson! I know, there's nothing in Port Dickson except for that beach, right? Well, correct unless you're staying at Avillion Admiral Cove Hotel! Now, staying there makes me look at Port Dickson differently. The sister hotel to the more expensive Avillion Hotel, Admiral Cove is just as gorgeous and beautiful with a Marina Bay view but for a more reasonable rate.

This is the Marina Bay view from our hotel room.

The room itself is big! Even the cheapest room there is big. It's very space-y, nice bathroom, small living seating area, a partition for privacy and sooo comfortable. Everything was great except that the air cond might be a bit noisy.

When you reach Admiral Cove, the beach is a walking distance, everything you need are there and all you have to do is check in and enjoy all the facilities there.

The Hotel provides practically everything!
-Swimming pool
-Tennis court
-Parking is free, etc

You can even just sit outside the Marina Bay and enjoy the picturesque view.

Strolling outside the hotel is great enough!
You don't even need to drive to town.

Port Dickson is a very small town and there's really nothing much other than the beach, the few restaurants in town and probably some night markets. So, staying at Avillion Admiral Cove is like a whole other place with their very own facilities and a great view. Besides that, their American Breakfast was really satisfying. Me, as greedy as always, took quite a number of servings of each and everything served hehehehe

Definitely enjoyed my stay there =) So recommended and of course will definitely revisit in the future. It's really worth the money!

The beach.
Lovely weather but didn't swim because post Lasik I can't swim for a month.
Nevertheless, sitting by the beach, talking stories and taking the view in, was a perfect ending to my short trip =)

P/S: It's also my first trip post Lasik and I felt my toiletries pouch lighter without my specs, contacts, lotion and casing hehehe Now, I can travel a bit lighter =p (Nah, it means more space for clothes lol)

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