September 8, 2013

Less is more

Honestly, I dislike putting on heavy makeup, especially face makeup like foundation. I can live with dramatic eyes and glossy lips, but just cannot stand caking on skin foundation. That's why I try to take care of my skin as best as possible so that I don't have to hide my flaws.

But of course, years of makeup with clogging pores and it doesn't help that I have oily skin plus the monthly menses which results in acne, I cannot go out with mainly skincare. I still need some form of makeup. I'm constantly on the lookout for the 'no makeup' look and I have discovered some really light makeup! It makes you feel like you're not putting on any makeup and best of all, no caking on the face =)

I'm going to share with you some really light makeup for the face, which I find has the natural look and which could really benefit the ladies readers =))

LOREAL Lucent Magique BB

This is the first BB cream I've used which is white in colour.
I was actually quite surprised myself.

But once it's on the skin, it will oxidise and will tuirn brownish colour.

What's so magical about it is that, it is a self adjusting BB cream meaning once applied, the colour will adjust by itself to suit your skintone! How cool is that? Although, it does not have a very good coverage, but it's just nice to even out my skintone, give a matte, powdery finish for a natural 'no makeup' kind of look. Of all the BB creams I've used, this is the most lightweight and my favourite =)

Next is Biore UV Aqua Rich BB with SPF 50+

Another BB cream, only thing this is water base with gel like texture. Another favourite considering water base means it is lightweight and feels like there's no makeup.

It is like a tinted sunblock in beige colour.

When applied, there's a cooling sensation and have a refreshing feeling. I have raved about the sunblock white version of the Aqua Rich range. But this is the BB version. The difference is that this has better coverage though not much. It does cover up some blemishes and evens out the skin tone with a glowy finish. It also has a high SPF value which is great for sun protection. 

Last but not least, Murad Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primer.

This is a primer, which is usually applied before makeup. However, I used it on its own and it has that natural finish I always look for. 

Don't be fooled by its dark brown colour and texture.
It is actually very lightweight when applied.

On days when I need a little better coverage, I go for this Murad primer. It comes in dewy or matte finish, whichever suits your skin best. I like it matte for my oily skin and although the colour looks darker than my skintone, but after blending, it has a very natural look with medium coverage. It is super lightweight and does not give a greasy/creamy feeling. 

There, that's three of my favourite light skin makeup =))
You should at least try any one of them if you're into natural makeup like me!
Putting a cakey white cast on the face not only look super ghostly, but it affects the skin as well by clogging pores. So, it's best to go for something lightweight, natural and get people fooled by thinking you didn't apply anything on the face, yet it looks perfectly fine!! hehe

Less is always more =)


  1. I totally agree with you on your outlook of "no makeup wear". I feel uncomfortable wearing heavy makeup which makes your skin cakey.I love wearing light weight BB creams for sheer coverage. I also have the problem of oily skin and acne, which is a bummer. Thanks for reviewing your products, I will give it a try. Please come by and check our my blog when you get the chance!

  2. Yay *high five* Less is always more =) Besides, putting on too much makeup just makes the skin oilier at the end of the day so sheer coverage is best!