September 21, 2013


This month, two new comedic movies opened in cinemas. I love comedies, but not slapsticks and so happened, I watched the first Grown Ups knowing it'll be funny in the second installment and that 2 Guns has two very familiar faces; Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg so I knew both movies would be good and not the stupid funny kind.

Sad to say though, both movies are funny but do not have very concrete storylines.

The families are back with grown up children but still childish adults LOL This movie is filled with stars and even Taylor Lautner was in it. Nothing much to say about the storyline but just sit back and enjoy it haha

2 Guns, on the other hand, has some good gun actions but mostly foul mouthed Mark Wahlberg stole the show! He was hilarious. The one liners from him had the entire cinema in laughters. You never knew looking at the poster that it'll be comedic but it was! Again, great show but the storyline had a lot of loopholes.

So, if you're in for some good laid back fun, then by all means do watch them. But if you want a really nice show that will put you in awe, I suggest watching other shows.

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