September 27, 2013

Job interviews

I have been to so many that I think I'm starting to be an expert about job interviews @.@

Like seriously, it can get pretty intimidating at times especially when you're put in a meeting room a size of half the football field(almost) with two panels and timid you was given a case study which you have no freaking idea what is it about after reading it countless times and that after 15 minutes, you have to start presenting and you start blabbering nonsense which was out of topic #truestory

Best part is, after going for that interview and failing it miserably, you still have no idea how to prepare for the next interview because you will be totally taken aback by what kind of assessment/case study/test/questions that will be thrown at you. It's like walking into a 'surprise', only that the one coming out laughing is not you but the interviewers because they cannot believe how stupid you can be #truestory yet again

Of course, that's the worst out of all worst case scenarios.

Best case scenario? Smiling interviewers that will make you laugh, joke with them, and if you're very lucky, getting hired at the end of the session. Of course, this is a rare breed situation.

I can safely say for the last month, I have been from the worst case scenario to the best case scenario and everything in between. Was it tiring? Hell, it was! I was rushing from one place to another, getting lost halfway, finding parking that ended up costing you RM6 for that 2 hours, had to be at all interviews early only to find the interviewers will be half an hour late, constant butterflies in the stomach, rehearsing all answers only to find them asking you different questions altogether. You name it! Been there. Done that.

Gosh, I really hope this is the only time I will ever have to go through that many interviews with so much anxiety and confusion whether will this company be my future employer, and if not, which company and whether do I like the environment or whether I would be happy here or there?

This is the constant dilemma of post graduate students. #firstworldproblems Because it's a whole new chapter which will mark the starting of a successful career, hopefully.

And I thought I closed the door to the most difficult phase of studying, only to open a door to a whole new different level of adventure -.-

So, how do you succeed in an interview? Firstly, you need all the luck you can get, seriously! Because it really depends on both parties. If the interviewer is harsh with complicated questions, assessment which is designed to make you even more nervous, then I'm sorry you're quite unlucky. But counter it with confidence. Believe in what you say and don't ever look like you would give up. Because that's what they want to see, whether are you fit to be in an intimidating situation and would you survive if you're thrown into one.

But if lady luck is on your side, with friendly interviewers, then do not screw up this opportunity! Be friendly as well, laugh with them, joke with them, but of course answer their questions well, giving an insight about your personality and about your strengths! DO NOT be quiet, giving one liners answers and look moody. No matter how much luck is on your side, looking disinterested is not going to get you anywhere.

For everything in between, to ace an interview is to be polite. Shake hands, give your megawatt smile, give your greetings, and after the interview, thank them, etc. Also, always look interested and be interested! Do not let your train of thoughts lose focus. In that 15 minutes to half an hour, you need to give them a reason why the company needs to hire you. So, keep talking, get the flow going, and do ask questions about the company to let him know you're interested. Of course, do your research before the interview.

Sometimes the hardest question can be, 'Tell me about yourself' so get some prepared answers, know what are your strengths and weaknesses, which area do you want to specialise in, what do you love to do and whether are you active in extra curriculur activities. These basic questions are simple to get to know you more so rehearse some answers that will get the interviewer intrigued about your personality. Most importantly, DO NOT lie about yourself!

At the end of the day, if all things fail, and you know you won't get that job, just flash that smile and say thank you and walk away. Of course, cry or curse all you want behind closed doors =p You never really know what that company wants and whether your personality will suit the company or whether they have an adequate team for the area you want to specialise in.

Just give your best shot and hopefully the outcome of the interview favours you =)

Good luck!!

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