September 9, 2013

Eugene Perma in Malaysia

Eugene Perma Paris is the French Expertise in Hair Colouring and Treatment since 1918.

Truthfully, I have not heard of this brand till now. It is the 1st independent French company to focus exclusively on hair coloring and treatment, with almost 100 years of experience. Owned by Didier Martin, CEO, who has been with the company for nearly 30 years, Eugene Perma represents the very symbol of a “MADE IN FRANCE” success.

Full independence from creation to distribution allows Eugene Perma to design, create, and develop all of its products in France. The products are engineered and perfected by researchers at the Research & Development center in the Paris area, then manufactured in the Reims facility in the Champagne region.

The Group’s engagement in continuous innovation and strong adaptability are its key success factors both in France and the International markets. Eugene Perma is present in over 56 countries worldwide, and rapidly expanding its position in Asia and now it has finally arrived in Malaysia *excited*

Eugene Perma held a media session at Cititel, Mid Valley to introduce their line of products which is only used and sold exclusively in professional salons.

Something to keep our stomach occupied.

Our lemon-peppermint welcome drink which was refreshing!

International Technical Manager, Mr Laurent Gallet from France who gave us a detailed insight on all Eugene Perma products.

Introducing three lines by Eugene Perma, which are essentiel, Kera Colour and Artist(e).
These three lines propose innovative, expert and technical brands dedicated to salons as well as hair care and styling brands for salons and retail purposes.

The first line of products, essentiel!

It is a high-end product line that addresses all the challenges specific to hair and scalp care. Essentiel offers customized diagnosis with a personal treatment program for hair and scalp. This allows perfect continuity between visits to a professional salon and continuing its benefits at home with the Essentiel in-depth treatment hair care line. Essentiel boasts exclusive, high-performance formulas with the NAT3 SYSTEM, an exclusive trilogy of botanical, mineral, and marine actives.

This line has 45 products of which are divided into scalp care, hair care and concentrates.

Under the SCALP CARE line consist of many products as well which suits different types of scalp.

1. Hydrating
(For Dry Scalp)

Hair bath(Eugene Perma prefers this term rather than shampoo) on the left and Dermo Hydrating Fluid which consists of five 10ml tubes in a box. Hydrating Dry Scalp is like providing a "second skin". Besides the fragrance, it also soothes inflammation.

Mr Laurent demonstrating the application of the Dermo Hydrating Fluid with scalp massage.

We got to try it as well. The Fluid was very watery but non greasy and have a very nice fragrant.

2. Purifying
(For scalp with excess sebum)
Also nourishes oily scalp & dry hair.

Hair baths and mask.

Mr Laurent demonstrating the application for hair bath which was applied with a specific hair brush for optimal cleansing and reduction of sebum.

Trying out the Dermo Purifying Mask to be applied to the scalp.
This mask really brings out the Nat3 element (Nat 3 characteristics - creamy & soothing on your skin), where you can actually feel it!

3. Exfoliating
(For Scalp with Dandruff)

Hair bath, Dermo exfoliant and Dermo purifying spray.

We got to try the Dermo Purifying Spray.
There's a feeling of freshness to the scalp, on top of having a cleansing effect, anti-itch and anti-bacteria.

4. Stimulating
(For Hair loss)

The Intensive programme treatment for men and women.
For Women, we actually need more nutrients than men for our scalp to prevent hair loss.

Helpers let us experience the treatment on our scalp as well.

Next, is HAIR CARE which has other sub products under it. 

1. Colour Protection
(For colour treated hair)

Hair Bath, Cream Care and Bi-Phase Screen.

Cream care demonstration.

The cream care is to protect and for the hair colour to remain radiant longer.
It is not sticky and it has quite a strong cherry-like smell.

2. Protection
(For Normal Hair)

Hair bath and radiance serum.

The radiance serum is very lightweight but very shiny. Hence, it does live up to its name.
It's concentrated and no pungent smell whatsoever. Not only this serum has UV protection, but also has a natural hold.

3. Volume
(For fine hair)

Hair bath and Volume Mist.
The volume mist is said to be gentle to the scalp as well.

4. Nutrition
(For sensitive hair)

Hair baths, nourishing masks and serums.

The nourishing hair mask.

Received the full size in my goodie bag.

 Really loving the scent, which is fruity.
This is to nourish damaged hair which was spoiled from excessive colouring, blow drying etc (which is my hair >.<)
Hence, I really like how soft it made my hair look just after one wash =) 

5. Anti-ageing
(For hair and scalp which has weakened over time)

Dermo revitalizing lotion, Thickening hair bath and Volume boosting mask.

There are other products like Sun Care and Brilliance under the Hair Care line and then there's the Concentrate Line as well which goes together with a complimentary massage at salons.

Apart from 'essentiel', there's Kera Colour. 

Kera Colour hair dyes.

It is a high performance coloration line with the “Made in France” quality specially for Asian hair. The small pigments with a deeper penetration into the hair fiber ensure 100% consistent coverage and vibrant, long-lasting results with an ultra concentrated coloring. The self-emulsifying cream base preserves the hair’s hydro-lipidic film that is essential to its hydration and protects the hair fiber during the coloring process. The fatty derivatives of the plant extract restore the cuticle layer and provide beautiful finish and limitless shine.

Kera Colour dyes has ammonia in it, though a very small amount. This is because ammonia is needed to open hair cuticle for better penetration. It is 100% perfect grey hair coverage with a vibrant and long lasting result. It also contains a pleasant fruity fragrance designed for the comfort of hairstylist and customers.

 It consists of 50 Asian colors for an easy-to-use coloration, achieving pure shine, and a glossy finish.

The models who had their hair dyed with Kera Colour.

Lastly, there's the Artist(e) line.

Thanks to the all-new “Happy Mix” complex, the Artist(e) line adds a touch of happiness to daily life. Perfect for everyday styling and designed for precision effects, the Artist(e) line enables each of us to invent, create, and reveal our personal style.

There are 4 “star” segments:
• Create: for a foundation before blow-drying
• Style: for pliable styling
• Fix: to hold all hairstyles
• Finish: to finish and enhance hair

Wow *wipes sweat* that's a lot to take in right? Yes, Eugene Perma really did their research thoroughly and catered for every kind of hair possible *laughs* After testing their products, I found out all their products have a lovely fragrant and their range really suits Asian and of course our weather. 

It is a definite Must Try in salons!

After all the testing, my hair was thanking me hehe

With bloggers Fish and Isabel and part of the team.

Special thanks to The Lilac Box for extending the invite and of course Elphidos for this event!

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