September 9, 2013

Snail Street AC Trouble mask

This is a long overdue review. I got this mask from HiShop's April Beauty Box!!

Snail Street AC Trouble Mask is a premium skincare facial mask which contains Snail Secretions Filtrate from the Helix Aspersa snail species as its active ingredient. Snail Secretion filtrate in this AC Trouble mask helps to soften and dissolve scarred, damaged tissues and rebuilt collagen & elastin. This mask is ideal to heal acne problems, which is great for my acne prone skin.

Bio-multi action effects comes from the snail secretion and bio-engineered mask sheets which helps the essence to be absorbed by the skin effectively. It contains snail secretion extracts which helps troubled and acne skin. This is made in Japan.

It is a white thick mask which made me a bit ghostly hehe

But the material was really good. It will not easily tear and it's a perfect fit!
When first applied, it feels cooling and it has a somewhat tea tree smell.
Leave mask for 20-30 minutes and wash face after that.

My face instantly felt more refreshed!!
It's good for acne control as well.
Very recommended for those with blemish skin.
Retails for RM16.90.

You can get it at HiShop HERE

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