September 17, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand

Yes, I've been away again...I think my blog's collecting dust LOL
Been travelling quite a lot and I'm super pleased that I get to see some of the outside world rather than just staying in my comfort zone. I absolutely love travelling and seeing other people's culture and get experiences that money can't buy.

Anyhow, I had the best shopping trip of my life hehe If you're a shopaholic and you want to shop til you break a leg, Bangkok is very much recommended by me!!

I would like to recommend certain places where I think is worth going when you're in Bangkok...

Firstly, we stayed at Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest building in Thailand! You must think it's expensive. Actually it's pretty reasonable with a high class treat! Of course, book through websites such as, Agoda, etc etc where you'll get a promotional price. It's sooo worth it, I tell you!

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, situated at Pratunam, the heart of Bangkok.
Everything is accessible from there. 

The view from the observation deck.
If you're a customer there, you get to go to all levels even up to the highest level for free.

There are photo props for you to take pictures at the deck.

You should check out the 360 degrees revolving roof deck.
The open roof top will be moving while you get to see the entire Bangkok!

There's also a sky bar, mini golf, fruit buffet and many more to see within the hotel itself. This is not even exploring outside the hotel yet haha

The rooms were also super comfortable and spacious!
We got ourselves the superior room for two person.
Though the doors were not sound proof at all as you can really hear people walking outside, other than that, everything was great!

Comfy beds.

Living room area.

Makeup table area.

The TV with all Thai channels hehe

The huge clean bathroom with bath tub and shower area!

I'm like literally promoting Baiyoke Sky LOL(and no, they didn't pay me haha)
But seriously, I'm just in awe that I needed to recommend this place.
This hotel is famous so any taxis or tuk tuk cars will know this place. Upon entering the building, you will be welcomed, brought to the 18th floor lobby, and everyone there is nice! 
As for the area, since it's in Pratunam, it's walking distance to everywhere! There's a night market with plenty of food, many 7-Elevens for your convenience and many massage shops around there. It's superrr convenient.

We went for Thai foot massage around the area which costed around RM20 only for an hour!!

My manicure plus sponge design.

Sat and experienced the Tuk Tuk car ride. I think I could die sitting in it LMAO.
It depends if your driver is a safe driver, you'll be okay but mostly, be prepared for a 'heart attack' ride >.<

The Platinum Fashion Mall is a MUST go!
There's a wide variety of clothes there and we literally shopped till we were so tired just in that one mall.
Be prepared to bring your bargaining personality there. 
Bargain til you get the best price!

Siam Paragon is like Malaysia's Pavillion mall with all the branded shops there.

Jatujak aka Chatuchak is a weekend market and it's a huge place which sells everything literally! 
There are good food, clothes, bags, shoes, pots, dolls, souvenirs etc etc
The things here are cheap if you're really good at bargaining so once again, anything in Thailand can be bargained for haha

Asiatique is quite a tourist place as well.
Quite far from Pratunam, around 45 minutes but if you can get a good bargain for a taxi ride, it can be around RM15 only for the ride. Good shopping place as well and good food.

But we were there for this 'ah kua' aka transgender show.
It's called Calypso and it's a one hour concert.

They really danced well and so pretty with gorgeous body.
It actually made me jealous LMAO!!
It seems whenever Lady Gaga comes to Bangkok, she will watch this concert!

I felt inferior. I don't even have boobs like that with that kind of body LOL

Damage to our purse -.-

Since our main aim was to shop, didn't take much food photos and when it's time to eat, it's actually resting time from shopping haha But of course in Thailand, you must taste Tom Yam, Pad Thai(which is actually kuey teow), Seafood, Mango Sticky Rice and their fruits are all very sweet! Try their mangoes and coconuts or blended fruit juices(yummy!!)

Tips in Bangkok: Be very very extra careful of your belongings! If can, try bringing a sling bag and guard it properly. Also, bring the best of your bargaining skills! Trust me, your purse will thank you for it.
Finally, learn some Thai at least, although they can speak quite okay English.

And of course, shop your heart out hehe Most of my clothes costed me RM15 or less =p
Mind you, very good material as well. That's why Bangkok is fantastic for shopaholics! ^^
Will definitely revisit in the future =)


  1. Ah, the travel bug. Once it bites , never stops. Especially when it comes to Bangkok omg, been there so many times yet each time its never ever boring. Great trip u had there !

  2. I did and yes you're right about the travel bug!! hehe