September 11, 2013

Beaute Pacifique, Malaysia

Beauté Pacifique was recently launched in Malaysia at Robinsons, The Gardens.

Beaute Pacifique has its own counter in Robinsons.
It is a blu-ish ocean-y colour counter ^^

It is a Danish company founded back in 1997 by former Novo engineers Flemming K. Christensen and Gunnar Svendsen. The company owners also own another corporation called Cortex Technology which develops and produces advanced medical electronic equipment for skin diagnostics.

It is this knowledge and experience that led to the development and creation of Beauté Pacifique. The name itself is actually French which means 'Beauty from the Pacific Ocean' which is why you can see all of their packaging have the colour of the ocean-blue!

Beaute Pacifique is a brand by dermatologists and doctors and is now sold in five parts of the World!

Check out the story about Beaute Pacifique.

At present, they have over 50 products which is targeted for specific problems. Miss Tilde, a beauty consultant from Denmark specially came to Malaysia to conduct skin care consultations at the Robinsons outlet for a few days. She'll conduct skin scans with their uniquely patented DermaScan. It is the first in KL and what’s great about the DermaScan is that it can analyse your skin condition. The resulting images are then used to analyse the skin structure before and after the application of Beauté Pacifique products.

Ms Tilde, who is very knowledgeable is armed with an extensive experience from clinics, dermatologists and retails from abroad and the Danish market. She has been in the beauty business for almost two decades and worked with leading skincare and cosmetics brands in her earlier career.

Ms Tilde conducting the DermaScan with a customer.

I was also given a skin consultation by Ms Tilde and she did the scan on me.

The DermaScan.

The result! *closes eyes*

The graph of how your skin will look like in the age category.

And of course, my skin results was not good =(( It's not how a 20s skin should be like =((
Hence, Beaute Pacifique to the rescue!!

So, what's so different about Beaute Pacifique than the other brands? Firstly, from their tagline 'We repair your skin!' already gives a hint. Their skincare regime is designed to repair your skin from within. Our skin on the outer layer which is known as the epidermis is very much affected by what's underneath which is the dermis.

Hence, by repairing the dermis, deep within, will in return improve results on the surface of the skin. Our skin collagen and elasticity will definitely deteriorate over time in our environment. Therefore, Beaute Pacifique has come up with their nanotechnology for their skincare to penetrate deep within our skin and repair our dermis. 

Their products are special with oil bubbles which is actually olive oils containing 'A Esters' (YES!MY NAME hehe) The A Esters have Acentate, Propanate and Palmitate which are the key ingredients for skin healing. They will repair the skin, making the epidermis 80% thicker while improving and rejuvenating it. The end result is a younger looking person with a 'new' improved skin!

This Vitamin A Anti Wrinkle Booster is very much recommended for me for the oily/combination skin problem. 

Their best seller, the Creme Paradoxe Anti Age cream is also recommended which fits all skin types and contains this special ingredient 'Resveratrol'. Resveratrol is found in red wine and they said one glass of wine per day can save your life as Resveratrol prevents fat from sticking to the cell ^^
And guess what? This one bottle of jar contains 800 bottles of wine!!

There are other great products as well such as their body lotions which bind 68% of body moisture from within. And because it does its magic from within, it can cure a lot of skin problems which will reflect in better looking skin. Besides, all you need is just a pea size of each product. You don't need much because of the nanotechnology which will penetrate easily into your skin. Best part is that, this brand is applicable for both men and women! So basically the entire family can use Beaute Pacifique hehe

Their packaging is actually quite simple, which might not be appealing but Beaute Pacifique do not want to spend too much on packaging nor on advertisements. They prefer to use the money to give out samples instead to let people see the wonders of their products and come back to buy the full size. 

However, do not underestimate that simple blue-ish packaging!! These packaging are designed by Chanel's chief designer!! *gasp* 

These are such samples you will take home after your free DermaScan.

After using it for a few weeks, you can come back and have another scan and check your results. When you see improvement, then you will know it really works on your skin! Don't worry, the consultants will save your first skin scan so that you can see the before and after.

With the very friendly Ms Tilde! =)

Interested to give a try at the Free Scanning while Tilde is here?

Don’t miss out on these 4 days sessions and come for a FREE DERMASCAN with Tilde and ask all the questions you want to know about your skin. Also, free samples given after the Dermascan consultation *while stocks last*

DATE: 12th Sept to 15th Sept
TIME: 2pm to 9pm

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