September 29, 2013

Polka hearts nails

I'm currently quite obsessed with nail stickers! Especially the easy, soft ones which is hassle-free! Hard, thick ones should never be made nail stickers >.<

Loving em' nails!

It got me thinking, you really don't have to spend so much money for nice looking nails at the nail salon! DIY at home looks just as nice =) I have all the tools for a mani pedi and those colourful stickers are so real, it can give hand drawn arts a run for their money! Plus point is that it's easier to take off! Much easier than gel nails and those good branded lacquer which normal remover finds hard to remove. 

Cool sticker designs FTW!!

P/S: Of course, I'm not ruling out any mani pedi sessions from now on. A girl needs some pampering from time to time *winks*

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