October 2, 2013

Anti Ageing affair with Nuxe

Nuxe held a blogger event to introduce their latest range at Sasa, Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Nuxe is a brand from France and the best selling cosmetic brand there. Nuxe products is a combination of aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Phytotherapy because it consists of natural ingredients for better skin absorption and the aroma helps to destress. They have a wide range of products and are available at all Sasa outlets. 

The display of Nuxe products at Sasa.

I heard of Nuxe because of their best seller multi purpose oil, Huile Prodigieuse(yes, it's French!)
I'm sure you have come across reviews about how good this product is!
This is one of their longest best seller product!
It has been a favourite among women for 20 years already!!

It's not the oily type. It absorbs very fast and most suitable for dry skin.
It can be used for the face, body or hair. It's an all in one.
This oil nourishes, repairs and softens thanks to the composition of Precious Plant Oils and Vitamin E.
It is a spray bottle and one oil bottle is sold every 6 seconds worldwide!

Refreshments were also provided.

And then, guest speaker from Hong Kong, Mr Ryan Lau, Nuxe Regional Education Manager, gave us an insight on Nuxe's anti ageing range.

Firstly, what's important is the pre serum.
Nuxe's Nuxellence Jeunesse is the 1st Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid.
It repairs Mitochondrial DNA to recharge skin with youth and visibly recharge skin with radiance.

Recharging skin is important before applying face care products. That's why it's a pre-serum. The cells are like batteries for skin. You need to recharge the cells to make the skin healthier and radiant. It can hydrate your skin for 8 hours and you only need one to two pumps for face and neck. 

The texture is rather thick and creamy at first glance. 
However, once massaged into skin, it disappeared! It absorbed very quickly leaving skin glowing.
It smells really good as well!
It can be used for morning and/or night, for all women, with normal, dry or combination skin.
A 50ml pump bottle retails for RM180.

Of course, after the pre serum has opened the cells, it needs nutrition.
It is proven that for a 2x more effectiveness, Nuxellence Jeunesse should be combined with anti ageing care products.

Nirvanesque, Anti Ageing range for 'First Expression Lines'
It hinders the transmission of neurotransmitters responsible for skin stress sensation, tension and first expression lines.
Price ranges from RM140-RM160.

The Creme Nirvanesque.
Once again, product texture seems thick but it absorbs very fast leaving skin very moisturised!
We were taught on how to massage into skin and the proper way to apply skincare.
It must be upward motion at the 'U' zone and circular motion at fine lines.

Merveillance, for 'Visible Expression Lines'
It encourages firming and maintains cohesion between dermis and epidermis for plumper and younger looking skin.
Price ranges from RM168-RM198.

The serum is designed to fill in skin's surface, smoothen epidermis and replump the dermis.
It acts at all skin levels to reduce wrinkles. 
The serum smells like chrysanthemum!
All Nuxe products have very nice smell because they incorporate aromatherapy into their products!

Nuxuriance, for 'Loss of Density and Loss of Radiance'
It fills in fine lines and strengthen collagen fibres.
Price ranges from RM188-RM240.

I really love the Eye and Lip Global Anti- ageing cream from this range.
The texture is smooth and acts to restore lips natural colour and contours the eyes.

There are many other ranges of Nuxe products available as well.
All Nuxe products are a selection of natural active ingredients and are non comedogenic.
Tests conducted are by independent Laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research.

Me and Ryan.

Ryan, invited bloggers and Fusion Cosmetics(sole distributor of Nuxe) country manager, Ms.Aini(in black blazer)

Thank you so much Nuxe!
Had a great time getting to know more about the brand and tips for skincare application!

Get your dose of Nuxe products from Sasa today!
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