October 4, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness with Body Perfect

Do you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month?
Yes, the whole month of October is dedicated to spreading awareness of breast cancer, the number one killer disease among women!

Body Perfect, Sunway Pyramid very kindly invited me to their in-house Breast Cancer Awareness event. 
This is actually my first time attending such event and everything was pink, which was so pretty!! hehe

My tag.

My pink ribbon.

I was given a one on one consultation by a nurse from the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia and was taught on breast self examination and when to check and what to do if I feel any lump.

So here's a breakdown for you readers:
- If you are menstruating, check your breast once a month on the 7th day after period. This is because all hormones are balanced already. If you feel lumpy before your menses, it's quite normal so do a self examination the 7th day after period. Same as well if you want a mammogram, it's best after the 7th day.

-If you are menopausal, just choose any day of the month and do a self examination monthly.

-Don't think this is only for the ladies although it's more common for ladies to get breast cancer, but guys, beware! You need to do a self examination as well and see if there are any lumps or changes.

I had a breast examination done by the nurse and thank God, everything was well =)

Datin Dr Kamaljit Kaur, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Bangsar Women Specialist Centre gave a talk about breast cancer.

It was an eye opening talk!
The gory pictures of cancer shown and the difficulties really made all of us there wanting to take care of our breasts properly! Firstly, it is not known the reason behind breast cancer.
However, one thing's for sure, if you detect it early, you have a much higher chance of surviving it and keeping your breasts at the same time. 

Therefore, VERY IMPORTANT to do your monthly self examination.
If you are over 40, it's best to go for a mammogram once in 2-3 years.

After that, a representative from XIXILI came and gave us a talk about bras!
It's quite surprising to know that 80% of women worldwide are wearing the wrong size bra.
Hence, before buying your bras, do get the right measurements from the consultants to ensure you will be wearing the right size bra.

What's interesting was that they had an activity of creating a 'Pinktober' bra in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month.

My team of 6 ladies chose a green XIXILI bra and decorated it with pink lace, frills and beads!
With the group name Pink Panther, we wanted to be as sexy as Beyonce who starred in that movie hehehe

The winner went to another group who were very creative!

Refreshments were then served!

I also went for a 10 minutes RET treatment for slimming. By using an iron hot plate, the beauty consultant massaged my tummy and burnt my fats. In 10 minutes I lost 0.9 inch LOL
So basically what I ate before that was all burnt after that hehe

And then they had lucky draws and best dressed winners!

haha lucky me was chosen as one of the best dressed there ^^
We were told to dress in pink so that's why all the winners there were so pink-ish hehe

All in all, it was a very fun and informative event!
Thank you Body Perfect for the invitation and it's great for a company like this to contribute to society to create awareness of breast cancer.

So people, remember your monthly breast self examination!
Early detection and prompt medical treatment can save your breasts and your life!!

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