October 17, 2013

Malu Wilz

Malu Wilz is a German brand that has been in Malaysia for quite some time, but you probably haven't heard of it because it's not sold off the counter. It is sold exclusively for professional beauty salons and beauty institutes.

An event was held to introduce Malu Wilz to the media. It was divided into two sessions. The first was about make up while the second was about skincare.

They have a wide make up range!

Gorgeous colour palette!

Ms Claudia, the Managing Director of Malu Wilz for about 10 years gave us an insight about the brand.
Malu Wilz has a full range of skin care and colour cosmetics. 
The brand's HQ is situated in Munich, Germany.
In the international market, Malu Wilz has 30 over partners worldwide.

Their latest cosmetic range is the Pastel Garden!

Very pretty, pastel girly collection =)
It represents the colour of flowers! Spring make up!!


Malu Wilz's trainer and seminar director, Ms Jutta was the make up artist for the day. She demonstrated the use of the products and the techniques in applying them.

Then there was a catwalk presentation.
All the models were made up using Malu Wilz's makeup products.
It was the highlight of the event with quite an elaborate presentation.

My favourite among all! Very sweet look ^^

All five models were made up differently from bridal to morning makeup to night party look.
Nonetheless, all were gorgeous!

We had a tea break in between and came back for the second session.

We were introduced to the skincare range and the newest active ingredient- Hyaluronic Max3
The Max3 effect is created by three different active hyaluronic acids based on the latest research. It quenches your skin's thirst leaving it toned and fresh right away. These hydrating ingredients support the skin's natural water reservoir.

The Hyaluronic Max3 ampoule improves the appearance of the skin in just a few minutes. Specially encapsulated hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin, where it stays for up to 12 hours, delivering moisture right where it needed.

It is quite dense but easily absorbed into the skin, leaving skin silky smooth.
Smells great as well and does not leave a sticky feeling.
Since it is concentrated, it is best used in the evening/night before sleep.
This actually acts like a pre serum, so it must be coupled with a cream.

The Max3 effect range has two types of cream which are Cream Soft and Cream Rich.
They provide long lasting moisture to the skin.
The combination of both the cream and the ampoule really left my hands feeling velvety and soft immediately =)

The beauty flash spray also contains the active ingredient of Hyaluronic Max3.
It acts as a setting spray or for skincare and can be used as a single product by itself.
It contains avocado oil. The oil phase of this two-phase spray moisturises the skin leaving it soft and supple.

It is watery and just pat on your skin leaving it to dry.

Malu Wilz have their very own skincare mask as well!
They have everything a girl needs!

Interested to know more about this brand?
Visit Malu Wilz website

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