October 22, 2013

Body Perfect Bust Enhancing Treatment

I'm back at Body Perfect, Sunway Pyramid! Body Perfect has very friendly beauty therapists and when you're there, you're known on a first name basis. When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by name and I felt very welcomed and at home. 

This time it's for my complimentary Cientifico-RF Bust Enhancing Treatment.
Received this during the Breast Cancer Awareness event.
In conjunction with Pink October, Body Perfect wants us to care for our bust!

Of all the body treatments I ever went to, bust treatment is by far my most daring hehe
It's because well, you need to strip half naked for them to do the treatment *closes eyes*
But, it's okay-lah, all girls there only. What I have, they also have hehe
But, if you're the extremely shy type, then hmmm maybe you might want to think twice =)

Changed into a silky navy robe which was so comfy!

Given a pouch as well to put my phone.
It's not that I can't live without it, but important calls were incoming that day and I just had to!
Also, my apologies to the beauty therapist for a short halt during the session as I had an incoming call >.<

Given lemongrass tea which was thirst quenching!

I was given a prior consultation before the start of the treatment.
Since I had not undergone any surgery or what not before and everything was fine, I then proceeded to have my bust measured *ehem*

But my therapist was pretty professional. She did not in any way make me feel uncomfortable. I suppose, she has done this many many times before and there's nothing awkward for her. It's actually not my first time doing a bust treatment so I was a bit braver this time around hehe

This Cientifico-RF Bust Enhancing Treatment uses radio frequency and is to firm and restore the volume of skin structures for fuller, rounder and firmer breasts. It builds collagen, stimulates metabolism and circulation and enhances blood and lymph circulation. Most importantly, it is natural and non invasive!

The treatment just uses a hot metal plate to massage the bust area and the underarm area which are where most of our lymph nodes are located. The therapist will massage the front area and also the back so that there are no fat residue(the spare tyres you see when you wear bra)

A clay mask followed thereafter. The clay mask will harden which is to shape and firm the bust and it's quite warm as well to improve circulation. Overall, it was a pretty pleasant and relaxing experience. The experience I had before elsewhere was pretty invasive with the machine hurting me causing redness. However, at Body Perfect, they like it the natural, non invasive and a painless experience =))

Results after one try? Well, of course nothing so prominent. But I did feel a certain firmness which means it had improved my skin's elasticity to prevent ageing. Besides that, all the massage around the bust area will definitely improve my blood and lymph circulation. But I'm most happy that it was a rather relaxing experience. So, ladies, really nothing to be shy about =)

The Cientifico-RF Bust Enhancing Treatment is worth RM420 but call up Body Perfect for promotions!

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