October 20, 2013

Escape Plan

If you are a fan of the series Prison Break starring Wentworth Miller, you might like this movie!
And of course, if you're an old timer and a fan of two blockbuster stars, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, you must watch this movie.

Ray Breslin(Stallone) is an expert in breaking out of prisons. He has broken out of 14 prisons and owns a security firm to make sure prisons are escape proof. However, his latest assignment landed him in big trouble. The prison he was supposed to break out from was far beyond his usual assignments. But not to worry, he had his friend (Schwarzenegger) to help him out. Together they hatched a plan to escape free.

It was quite an entertaining movie. A lot of planning and action and some humour here and there. That two old men could still fight in action scenes, running, climbing; stuffs that sometimes we youngsters find it hard to do LMAO!

Of course, it's no where near prison break because this is only a 2 hour movie. But still, it was worth a watch!

My rating: 3 and a half stars

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