October 26, 2013

120 hours

How's 97 emails on my first day of work? LMAO!

Sooo yes, I think I clocked in an average of 50 hours in my first week, spent 12 hours on the road in a week with rush hour jam, skipped lunches, have very late dinners, spent more money on my parking than my own food, been introduced to so many people that I'm starting to jumble up all of their names or forgetting them all, waking up late all the time(cannot wake up!) and running through the whole of KL finding buildings, places and people. All that in one week! Yes, 5 working days. It's a wonder how much things you can do in 120 hours!

But yeah, do not underestimate a human's capability. Because what happened above was just a gist of what is to come. Others have gone through worst. I shall brace myself.

What I need after a hard day's work? Coming back to unconditional love, a warm shower and enough sleep would totally make the entire day soo much better! hehe

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