October 14, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness with Murad

In conjunction with Pink October, Murad organised a breast cancer awareness event to spread awareness among us ladies and the gents as well.

The event was held at Murad, Empire Shopping Gallery.

They had a huge 'heart' where attendees were invited to write words of encouragement for breast cancer patients.

Making my mark ^^

Afternoon tea was served as well.

Pink ribbons were pinned on us.

Murad's training manager giving a short speech.

In honour of breast cancer awareness month, Murad has also introduced the Hydrate for Hope kit where you can purchase in store.

A retired nurse from the Breast Cancer Welfare Association(BCWA), Manjit gave us a talk.
BCWA is a non profit organisation founded in 1986 and not funded by the government. They rely on you and me to contribute to their funds. They have been setting up mobile clinics to go to rural areas to give free clinical breast examination and they have been doing much to support breast cancer patients like giving emotional support in hospitals, having sharing sessions on the third Saturday of every month at BCWA, organising activities for their patients, etc.
It was a very inisghful talk and the dangers of not going to the doctor immediately once finding out a lump.

Then, Molly, a breast cancer survivor of four years shared with us her story. She had a mastectomy done and did chemotherapy and survived them all! She even climbed Mount Kinabalu twice and a member of a gym! She is now volunteering at the BCWA and is living a happy life cancer-free. She is living proof that if you detect cancer early, you can be cured and life goes on =)

After that, Manjit showed us how to check for lumps and that we should do a self examination every month on the 7th-10th day after period. If you're not menstruating, just choose any day. The same goes for the guys.

Since cancer patients have very dry and dehydrated skin, Murad created this Hydrate for Hope kit.
The Hydrate for Hope kit costs RM228 with products worth RM298.
You will get a silver pouch which contains the limited edition pink cap Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture (50ml) and Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes. 
15% of sales from each kit will be contributed to BCWA.

You can help do good while achieving great skin =)

Support breast cancer awareness with Murad!

P/S: Every year, one building internationally worldwide will be lighted in pink. As for this year in Malaysia, look out for the Twin Towers to be lighted in pink =)

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