October 7, 2013

Modbox October selections!

Woo-hoo ladies, new selections are up for Modbox!! Are you as excited as I am? hehe

October's kit =)

Well, thank YOU Modbox!

The box was heavy and filled to the brim!
So happy to see all these products!

(RM128 for 180ml)
As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Murad so I was elated to receive this =)
This is Murad's bestselling toner that will help restore skin's suppleness to its former glory.

It's a spray toner which is even better and smells wonderful!
Spray toner is so much easier for application and saves on cotton wool hehe

(RM11.90 for 50ml)
This is actually a full sized product, albeit a small one.
It strengthens hair and reduces hair fall by up to 80%! Just what I needed with my hair fall issue >.<
You can choose either Soothing Aloe or Cool Peppermint.
My Soothing Aloe has a very distinct aloe vera scent which makes my hair smells nice all day =) 

With organic almond oil and organic shea butter, it luxuriously moisturises and nourishes hands.

It's very good for dry and cracked elbows and smells of shea butter!

My favourite! Been wanting to try this for very long ^^

Cleanser to be applied on wet skin and work it into a light, milky foam using circular motion.

The refinining cream 2 helps to clear skin acne and resist blackheads.
It has a cooling sensation once applied.
Can't wait to see results in just 3 days!

Eucalyptus Herbal Bath, Lavender Herbal Body Oil and Almond Blossom Body Lotion.

The Eucalyptus Herbal Bath is a healing bath treatment especially those suffering from sinus.
It is infused with eucalyptus that works as a natural disinfectant to clear congestion.
It's supposed to be mixed in a tub of warm water and enjoy a relaxing soak for 15-20 minutes.

Lavender Herbal Body Oil.
This is a natural based body oil that will leave you with smooth and supple skin.

It absorbs rather quickly leaving skin silky smooth.
It has a very therapeutic lavender scent as well which is great to put on before sleep =)

The almond blossom body lotion is formulated with sweet almond, avocado and jojoba oils that will deeply moisturise and nourish the skin. Apply after shower to lock in moisture.

It is rather thick at first glance but not to be worried, as it absorbs into skin well after a gentle massage.

Kneipp bath and body products are suitable for all skin types and have very soothing scents! On top of that, the products are au naturale which is a plus point!

Loving all the products above? Great selections, no? I must say, quite an improvement there and really looking forward to the next selections!
Just a heads up, if you pick your samples, you can only choose half the products of what you see above.
But, you know, you can always buy two boxes and get all the products =)
After all, it's only RM9 (excluding shipping) ^^
Cheapest beauty box around!

For more information:
Check out Modbox now and get your very own beauty box!
They even have a Modshop to purchase full sized items!


  1. Just wondering, how much is this whole box worth?

  2. Hai, I'm not really sure because most are sample sized but definitely worth more than RM9 as the shampoo itself already costs RM11.90 =))