October 13, 2013

Life after Lasik(and a lil scare)

Continuation from my post Lasik blog post.

It's been one and a half months since my Lasik surgery. I can be said to have fully recovered! My vision is all well now. Before this, I mentioned I have difficulties in reading small prints because my brain needed adjusting post Lasik, but now, I'm all good =)

It takes around a month, for my eyes to fully recover. Although I could pretty much do anything after the second week post Lasik, however at that time, whenever I wash my face and accidentally touch my eye lid, I can feel my eyeballs are still sensitive from surgery and a bit painful. But not anymore after full recovery!

Also, I had a scare as well around my one month checkup. While the consultant was looking at my cornea, she noticed the left side of my eye did not heal properly and the scarring led to a bit of an ingrowth which is called epithelial ingrowth, commonly a consequence post Lasik surgery. I was told to come back in 2 weeks to see the doctor and see if the ingrowth is still visible. If it's healed properly after 2 weeks, I don't have to go through another round in the operation room for the doctor to scrape off the ingrowth.

My initial reaction was : OH SHIT! (pardon me, I'm just paranoid of going through the whole process of surgery again) I also found out, that the ingrowth was there 2 weeks post lasik as well but was not told of it because it's normal but after one month, it still didn't heal properly. And it's only my left eye, which was ironic because my left eye is the one with the perfect vision as compared to my right which has a residual -0.75 power with a little astig. In fact, I really felt fine all these while and was thinking the one month checkup will go on well like the others until she broke the news -______-

However, thank heavens, after two weeks, my left eye decided to heal properly and the scarring closed properly without any growth! My left eye is a bit slow in healing I guess. So now all is back to being well hehe


Different individual have different healing process. Heck, each eyes have their own healing process. So, sometimes post Lasik, if you don't take extra care of your eye drops, food intake, etc etc, it might lead to certain post Lasik complications. But, I must also emphasise that, although I took great care of my eyes post Lasik yet my left eye was much slower to heal. So, it really depends.

What I still experience:
-It's still glaring at night with headlights and streetlights but not too bad. I can still drive at night.

-In the afternoon, sunglasses is a must for me. I think I'm a bit too dependent on it already lol

-Smoke can really irritate my eyes. If I'm in a place with a lot of second hand smoke, my eyes will be teary. I didn't know this but the other day, I went for steamboat and the smoke from the pot really irritated my eyes as well. So basically any smoke/steam will make my eyes teary. I need to stay away from sauna/steam bath for a few more months.

-The dryness is there but not too bad. Nothing a drop of an eye drop won't help but I don't want to be too dependent on my eye drops. I'm slowly evolving to one drop per day or none at all.

Aside from that, I can pretty much do anything from now on! I travelled overseas without any hassle, and now after one month, I can go for a swim, I can now put on any waterproof mascara and basically wake up with perfect vision without needing to start finding for glasses/contacts hehe

Whilst accompanying my friend choosing specs, my itchy hands wanted to try one as well hehe
Not that I need it =p

So, any regrets? Nope, none at all! I am so glad I did Lasik during my holidays so that I can have proper rest for recovery and can have the time for checkups. Also, luckily everything went smoothly and now it's up to me to care for my eyes so that my vision do not deteriorate.

Would I recommend Lasik? Sure, why not! Only if you can care for your eyes properly post Lasik! Apart from that, do weigh up all the pros and cons, do your research and do think it thoroughly before going through it. 

If you do intend to go for it, good luck and may your vision be corrected 100% =))

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