January 5, 2014

The aftermath of Lasik

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Now, this is actually Part 5 and will be my final post on my Lasik journey. I went for my 5th month checkup at Excelview and now everything has stabilised and all is great!

In fact, my right eye which has a residual power of -0.75 and a bit of astig has improved. Now, it has no astig and a residual power of -0.50. Left eye maintained a 20/20 vision. I have stopped my eye drops 2 months after the surgery and there's no dryness in my eyes after that. I also don't need to be dependent on my eye drops now. Further, both eyes have healed 100%.

I was a bit afraid that my power will regress because ever since I started working, all I ever do is stare at the computer screen for the whole day. But I do practice taking small breaks for the sake of my eyes and luckily instead of deteriorating, my eyes improved.

I mentioned before that I experienced bad glare when in contact with lights especially while driving, but not anymore. Now, the sun and headlights don't seem that glaring.

And I just can't get enough of the fact that I take less time getting ready in the morning because I don't need to put on my contacts and less things to pack when I travel =) That's the best part and of course, waking up being able to see things clearly!

Super thankful that my surgery was a success.

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