January 17, 2014

Freshlook Colorblends in Gemstone Green

I'm really liking Freshlook Colorblends and the choice of colours they have. After using True SapphireHoney and Brilliant Blue...this time around I'm trying out Gemstone Green! 

After Lasik, I was advised not to wear cosmetic contacts for at least 3 months. Now that it's 5 months and there's no dryness, I'm able to don as many coloured contacts as I want now. YAY!! Hehe I know, I know, the reason I went for Lasik was so that I don't have to wear contacts/specs, but I really like coloured eyes LOL and even before this, I love trying out different coloured contacts. Anyway this is for fun and I don't wear it on an everyday basis so here's my take on Freshlook Colorblends in Gemstone Green.

Without flash (the colour is actually quite prominent)

With flash (under bright light, it really looks like cat eyes haha)

If you like eyes colour that pop and you want to bring attention to your eyes(because it's your best feature) then I must say, Gemstone Green should be the colour for you. If you like natural colours, perhaps stay away from Gemstone Green otherwise you would be uncomfortable having such green eyes hehe

What can I say? I love attractive eyes and honestly, it is my best feature, so I'm really lovin' this colour! Besides, it's super comfortable to wear which is the main reason why I love Freshlook Colorblends =)
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