September 3, 2013

Full on red

It's a serious battle to maintain my hair red! It keeps fading. I dyed it red six months back and now it has faded! I've had it with self dye and went to Thomas and Guys and got my hair done! I just love being a red headed hehe

The last pic of my faded brown blonde hair.
I look so washed out with it!

The dyeing process.

The end result!!
Yes, it's a full on striking red colour =)

Because of my previous blonde-ish highlights, my hair looks like certain parts was highlighted a bit redder.

However, the inner part looks burgundy because red on top of black(inner new hair) would not be that striking.

How it looks under sunlight.

Loving the 'highlighted' red parts and the 'burgundy' parts hehehe

Now, I'm really satisfied with my hair *loves* 
Camwhoring just got better =p

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