March 10, 2013


After I'm done experimenting with different colours on my hair, I'm back to being a red headed!! Wee~ Truth be told, I think I look best being a red headed and have stucked to that colour for years. I was born to be a red headed(me thinks!) hahahaha

Years before, after I finished high school, I experimented with a lot of colours as well like brown, ash brown, yellow, copper, burgundy, etc and I finally found the one that I love most which is RED! It's just something about the colour red that does not make me look pale but vibrant. So, you know even on days when I have a sleepy face or where I'm sick, I can still look a bit vibrant with the hair *laughs*

But true, hair colour is very important to bring out your personality. When I was with the blonde highlights, I looked really pale because of the colour and dark/black hair makes me very dull. Which is why, I'm back to red and will stick to it =)

Besides, due to much chemicals, hair will tend to be dry. But darker tones make it look more healthy and lustrous #fact

Here's my evolving hair colour hehe

Red headed.

Blue highlights.

Blue became blonde highlights.

Then went dark.

Which is actually a bit auburn in the sunlight.

Then hair faded to ash brown.

Now...back to RED!!

Feels good to be back to red after months of experimenting *laughs*


  1. Gorgeous, babe! Lurrrvving itttt~

    Okay, i haven't commented for so long i forgot how i used to type my name... But you should know who i am lah =).

  2. haha thankiuuuu....and spot your necklace =p