March 27, 2013

Shu Uemura OB Princess Party

Tammy aka Plusizekitten aka the one who helped me do some nip and tuck to my blog aka famous blogger aka the one who introduced me to a whole new world of blogging after our Cleo's Next Top Blogger stint and soo many things more *laughs* held an OB Princess Party in conjunction with her belated birthday and Shu Uemura's newest launch of OB collection.

Like OMG...can you just squeal at how cute the OB Collections are!!

It was held at Shu Uemura, One Utama.

Please feast your eyes with the gorgeous, fairytale-like collection:

The cleansing oil, RM290 each.

The entire collection on display. I just want to bring the whole thing home!!

The POREraser UVUB Mouse, RM135 each.

Look at Shu Uemura's lashes collection!!

Okay, so everyone was supposed to dress up like a princess following the OB Princesses theme which are Pink(Cherry Blossom), Blue(Ocean), Green(Forest) or Yellow(Moon) Princess. There's a best dressed competition and whoever wins will get Shu Uemura RM300 gift voucher!

This is supposed to be for the best dressed competition pic.
Obviously, I won't win *laughs* Pardon me, I had to rush to class later and also I went for the Talika event hence, this is as far as I can put together =) Besides, I'm a cross between the Green and the Blue princess and ended up choosing the Blue princess instead because of my blue mullet skirt which looks ocean-y XD

So, anyhow Tammy had 30 bloggers/readers invited to the party and we got to mingle. 

With blogger Angeline.

And blogger Isabel.

With Alicia, Jasslyn and Lisa. All masters of cosplaying!

Suddenly, I feel a little underdressed with all the beautifully dressed people around me hehe

There were some snacks served so we won't go hungry...


Macaroons!! My fave!

Drinks, chocs and sweets.

And then Tammy, the host, greeted us.

There was a makeup demo on how to use the OB collection and makeup tips.

The entire collection is complete with Blue Princess, Pink Princess, Green Princess and Yellow Princess!
The Blue(Ocean) Princess, Alicia, won best dressed!

We also got to draw on a Shu Uemura bag given and then we get bring it home for souvenir!
It's also a competition and whoever with the best drawing will receive RM350 gift voucher. Once again, those who are really close to me will know that I'm artistically retarded >.< so I won't even bother showing you what I've drawn(or the lack of it) *laughs*

With Tammy, the girl of the day after her Shu Uemura makeover!

Then there's a birthday cake to celebrate her belated birthday as well!

Taken from Plusizekitten Facebook page.

Overall it was a very fun and actually my very first themed party. It was amazing how some of these girls can dress up according to the theme. The OB collection was also a sight for sore eyes and everything were sooo pweeetyyy, I could die in princess heaven there >.<

Thanks Tammy for the exclusive invitation and thanks Shu Uemura for the party and the generous limited edition gifts =)

Woo-hoo limited edition Shu Uemura 24 CARAT GOLD plated eyelash curler!!! *squealssss*