March 24, 2013

Empro Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB

Empro has relaunched its award-winning Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB – complete with improved formulation and new, attractive, vibrant and practical packaging. The previous packaging was light blue in colour but's in an all new classy grey package.

The girl in the ad is sooo gorgeous! Makes you feel like trying the products NOW!

Thanks Empro <3

So here it is! The anti aging & moisturizing Aqua BB and Hydrating & Nourishing Aqua Gel Base.

Firstly, check out the Aqua Gel Base.

Empro – the cosmetic with skin care maker produces the award-winning Empro Aqua Gel Base – voted the best primer foundation by the Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2012, helps cover your skin imperfections and uneven skin tone without clogging pores. This ultra-light gel base with high technology polymer not only hydrates and nourishes skin; it promotes skin regeneration whilst brightening your face. This amazing product will leave your skin with a beautiful pearlescent glow.

Made from natural ingredients including minerals like coral, pearl, diamond and amethyst, prolonged use of Empro’s Aqua Gel Base will improve your overall dull skin texture and most importantly, helps to protect your skin for pure, even and spotless results!

Some of the benefits of the Aqua Gel Base. Most importantly, it is suitable for all skin types. 

It is sealed so you'll know it's new and unopened. 

Just squeeze out a pea size which will be enough. One thing I like about products that only needs a pea size is that it can be used for quite long which is cost-effective!

Dab all over your face and even out.

My face turned out to be glowy with shiny particles!

Look! It has this pearlescent glow which makes dull face turn radiant.

Even without any makeup on, my face seems radiant, fresh and hydrated. Further, it has a perfumed scent so it smells wonderful! I'm already loving the Aqua Gel Base =) 

Empro Aqua Gel Base retails at RM78.80 for 50ml.

Now, on to Aqua BB which complements the Gel Base. It is now with increased SPF 30 PA++. This is extremely convenient as it functions as a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. With frequent usage, it is proven to be able to reduce fine lines and discolouration. It provides UV protection with anti-ageing, skin repair benefits whilst rejuvenating the skin.

Made from organic ingredients including flower extracts for Rose, Golden Chamomile, Plum Blossom, Marigold, Dandelion, and herbs like Japanese Ashitaba and Shiso Leaves, Chameleon and Thyme. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is very well known nowadays for its hydrating properties.

Its benefits.

Again you don't need much..Always try a little first and if it's not enough add more later. You don't want to waste and also you don't want it to be too thick. 

As you can see, the brown-ish colour can be seen which means if applied, it will look like you've worn makeup. However, it is not thick nor will it look like there's a white cast on your face.

It's is very smooth and lightweight as well. Hence, it can be blended easily. 

It is quite good in covering imperfections. This is one layer of application.

Final effect with Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB! 
Radiant, clear and smooth finish!

Loving it <3

Here's a comparison.

The 'Before' picture, as you can notice, there's uneven dull skin tone with some redness and imperfections and scars =( On the right, however, in the 'after' picture, my skin looks glowing, clear and as mentioned earlier, it's pretty good in covering imperfections without concealer! (Note: This blogger is pretty noob in photoshopping so there's no photoshop. What you see is what you get)

EMPRO Aqua BB retails at RM98.80 for 50ml.

Both can be used as stand alones however it is best used together. One can really benefit from both products in the long run. 

- Gives a glowing radiant finish.
- It is quite matte so better for those with oily skin. I don't like a dewy finish >.<
- Very lightweight and can be easily blended.
- Keeps skin hydrated.
- The BB Cream has SPF to protect skin from UV rays(which every girl knows how important that is!)
- Reduces the visibility of imperfections.
- Can gain many long term properties if used consistently. 

- My face did turn up a bit oily after a few hours but nothing a face powder or a blot or two won't help.
- There's only one shade of BB cream which might not be suitable for darker skinned people.
- With the combination of both products, it can be quite costly.

However, I really like how my skin doesn't look dull and tired nowadays especially with tons of work on my end =( With the help of the Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB, I can at least look decent and radiant! It makes me look more lively *smiles*

Now, apply a bit of rouge and gloss and you're off to go! Just a perfect finish =)

You can even buy them online at Rakuten. Check the Aqua Gel Base and Aqua BB for discounts online.

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