March 2, 2013

Marie France: Acoustic Radial Therapy

I have introduced Marie France's latest innovation in my previous post which is the Acoustic Radial Therapy(ART) And now, thanks to Marie France Bodyline and Ms Amy Quek, CEO of MFB, I'm checking it out first hand what's this treatment really like.

I went for my complimentary ART at Marie France in SACC mall, Shah Alam. Just some introduction: The ART is a method of combining high energy radial waves with a breakthrough vacuum technology which metabolise fat cells and reduce the occurence and appearance of cellulite. It is a non invasive treatment which combines high energy radial waves with vacuum technology.

You cannot miss this centre at the 3rd floor with the huge poster.

The entrance.

The reception.

I was greeted by the friendly Ms Vivian who registered my details. In the meantime, I was treated to some Chinese tea.

The consultation room.

After that, I was being led into the consultation room where I had my BMI done, waist measured and introducing me the treatment process. ART can be administered on common problem areas, such as arms, thighs, abdomen, and love handles, and ultimately leads to a circumferential reduction in those areas.

Since I'm still underweight and when she did my body analysis, she said I'm thin, so thighs might be the best bet for the treatment as it's more prone to cellulite. But I was asked which area I wanted to focus on and I said my tummy area because well, ehem, those CNY cookies are the culprits >.< So, the tummy area would include the abdomen, stomach and love handles. 

Don't know what are love handles? Well, it's the side of your stomach. You know, the ones where you can pinch fats out >.<

After recording any allergies and explaining how the machine works...

..I was led into the treatment area.

The hallway.

Firstly, I went into the changing room. All ready provided are disposable panty, kimono, disposable slippers and towel. There's a locker too for belongings. 

Changed into them and ready for my treatment =)

Cozy treatment room.

I had a welcome head and shoulder massage first to relax.
Then the treatment started. It's a 30 minute treatment where 20 minutes is by the machine and another 10 minutes, is by manual massage by the therapist. 

The ART machine uses high-energy rhythmic pulses to penetrate to an exceptional skin depth of 35mm, essential skin layers, including connective tissues and fat layers, are effectively targeted.Then, a vacuum suction force from the radial probe exerts a negative pressure on the skin. This suction force stretches and squeezes the targeted tissues to break the grid structure of fat cell chambers beneath the skin.

Subsequently, the pressure and vibration stimulates blood circulation, encourages drainage of toxins, and induces the formation of collagen fibres in the connective tissues to firm skin, thereby eliminating the visible signs of cellulite.

I was being told the machine will be quite loud so don't be afraid *laughs* But yeah although I was forewarned, it did scared me a little when it started because the loud sound came with a suction force on one part of the tummy area. So imagine something suddenly grabbing your fats and a noise together with it LOL

It's a suction cup which sucks little by little of your fats around your problem area, followed by some hammering, like knocking your fat cells to break your fats. It's literally a loud, 'tock! tock! tock!' hammering sound. The therapist kept saying I'm thin so it might a hurt a little LOL But it was only a slight pinching pain within the first minutes and after that, I was relaxed. So it was more suction and knocking all around my tummy area.

After twenty minutes, I was done followed by 10 minutes of manual massage with slimming oil. 5 minutes on each side of my tummy. There was no suction marks whatsoever so not to worry and only a bit of redness can be seen because of the massage. Finally, I was given a thank you back massage.

After changing, each customer would receive a complimentary hand wax treatment.

No, don't worry, I don't have skin disease =)

While waiting for the wax to dry up, there's a lounge area to rest.

I was given another cup of Chinese tea and a hand towel to rub off any excess wax after taking it off.

The princess mirror hehe and you can make your own coffee there as well.

Overall it's my first time in Marie France and first time trying out such machine. It's a good experience and the staffs were all very friendly. My midriff feels like it had just done sit ups and muscles feel tighter. I had a pleasurable 1 hour there. I cannot say for sure that the ART really benefited me but visible slimming results can be achieved in 10 sessions. 

The ART is worth RM425 and some of the benefits are:

-Reduced edema (water retention)
-Increased blood flow and cell rejuvenation
-Improved drainage of toxins
-Improved collagen structure for reduced cellulite visibility
-Strengthened connective tissues for firmer skin
-Increased lipolysis (breakdown/decomposition of fats within fat cells)

Thank you so much Marie France for having me there. It was truly enjoyable =))
My consultant, Ms Vivian was not pushy and very caring and after a week, I had a follow up call just to see how I am. It was all very professional at the SACC outlet. 
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