March 4, 2013

Markets@Jaya One

Last Saturday Markets held their 9th installation at Jaya One. Markets is a bazaar or street market where vendors come together to sell their stuffs at one place. This time they had more than 100 vendors with good bargains for shoppers. These vendors sell vintage or new stuffs, food, craft etc

Some of the vendors.

More vendors...

But the best stall which I'm most excited about was....

Yeap, that was their first time operating out of their Seapark store. 
It was also my first time trying out BurgerLab hehe

Workers prepping their burgers for the already long queue.

Chefs doing their thing..

The infamous charcoal buns of theirs.

The inti for the burgers. If you can see there's peanut butter O.O

They didn't sell their full size burgers but mini burgers instead. No fries as well. They had only a few selections to choose from. Since it's my first time, I'm not familiar with their menu.

But they had 'Stinkbomb' which had petai with the burger patty, then another type has peanut butter and jelly and then 'Waterballoon' had watermelon in the burger >.< I actually found it a bit weird but I went with the safest choice, 'A+ beef burger' which had mushroom *laughs* I'm not very adventurous in my food intake haha

A+ beef burger.

Look at the melting cheeseeee....YUMMY!!! 

So, now I understand what's all the hype with BurgerLab. It really was very delicious and left me wanting for more hehe The juicy patty, the cheese, the bun were all cooked to perfection! No wonder they were sold out by 2pm whereas Markets was supposed to last til 6pm!

Hopefully they will be back to join Markets in the next round. Markets happens once every two months. For more info:

Goodie bag to be brought home =)

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