March 20, 2013

Baskin Robbins Pink Day!

Wednesday is pink day for Baskin Robbins and I've always wanted to try the Happy 8!!
I think it's such a good deal for 8 mini scoops in a waffle for only RM9.90. You can try 8 different flavours at one time!^^

BR will have four flavours pre-chosen and you will choose another 4 flavours of your choice.

If you go with a friend, you will have 16 scoops!!

YUMMY!! This is definitely one deal to try on Wednesdays =))


  1. yummy! I love the cotton candy flavor by Baskin Robin :) quite worth it.. 8 scoops for RM9.90

    anyway nice meeting you today at shu eumura event :)

  2. Nice meeting you too!! Hope to see you around =)