March 22, 2013

Bag of Love debut bag!

I listed out the beauty boxes brand in Malaysia HERE and one of them was Bag of Love. It's the unique one as it's a 'bag' and not a beauty 'box'. March 2013 is the debut with its first bag! I was very excited to receive my very own Bag of Love from the owner =) Pardon my excited-ness as you can call me outdated, but truthfully this is my first beauty box bag I've received *laughs*

First, some story behind. Bag of Love is a one woman show by an ex-beauty writer for a renowned magazine. Mi Mi is gorgeous in person and a very friendly lady. I take my hats off to her for running all this by herself on top of being a mother of two!

So anyway, here's Bag of Love's debut bag of March 2013.

Yes, I know it's supposed to come in a bag! However, the owner changed her mind last minute to have a box for the outer part...

...and a bag inside! 
But from next month onwards, she's doing away with boxes and will stick to only bag.

The pattern somehow reminds me of 'Victoria's Secret' hehe which is a good thing because it's gorgeous! Btw, as you can see the bag has the 'Bag of Love' tag which means it is custom made and every month, you will get a different, customised makeup bags! Well, Mi Mi's philosophy is that a girl can never have too many bags, can she? =)

Love that heart charm! I'm a sucker for beautiful, girlish stuffs ^^

What's inside? It's wrapped properly with a bubble wrap.

A welcome card which states what's inside the bag.

The debut bag has some surprises. This is the first that a movie ticket comes along with it. And we're lucky coz there's even a full size product in the bag. 

An RM30 gift voucher to be used on Murad's website.

Some may not like vouchers in the bag because it's supposed to be beauty products. However, my guess is that it's linked to one of the product in the bag...

Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser, RM148 for 150ml.

This is a 50ml size and if you love this product after using it, you can use the voucher to purchase the full size or use it for other products. I love Murad products as I go for facials at CN Health and Beauty and they only use Murad products and I really like it so I'm stoked to receive this cleanser =) 

A movie ticket to watch 'The Host' which will be aired next month! Yes, it's only one, so my movie date will have to buy another ticket XD

Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation SPF20 PA ++, RM 140 for 10.5g(case, RM60, sold separately)

I heard it gives a shine free appearance so I can't wait to try it as I'm always for a lookout for products which suits oily skin!

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT, RM248 for 50ml

It has a sweet scent but light therefore suitable for day time. However, the scent is a bit for the mature ladies like working ladies.

This is the full size product. 

Definite Face Blending Brush, RM98.

It's really soft and smooth and perfect for makeup application!

This product by itself would have made the bag so worth it because you already know it costs wayy more than how much you paid for the bag. 

Revlon Professional Colour Sublime Treatment, RM88 for 200ml.

This is suitable for colour treated hair which is mine!! So, I will definitely find this super useful!

I find this month's bag is really good for a debut bag! I find all of the items above useful. Perhaps, we can do away with vouchers because mostly vouchers like these come with items which cost RM100 and above and some may not be willing to spend that much.  

I even find the bag useful! It's quite spacious as it can fit all of the above items! 

Besides, the first 50 annual subscribers of Bag of Love this month were awarded with an Anna Sui Ring Rouge. It was a pretty good deal for money I must say! You can actually still subscribe for the debut bag before 25th March 2013! So hurry!

Bag of Love costs:
RM119.70 for three months(with a mystery gift)
RM478.80 for 12 months(and get the 13th month for free)

Website: Bag of Love

Thank you Bag of Love and keep up the hardwork <3


  1. Hi Esther, nice to have met u that day :)

  2. Hai Swee San!! You too =)) Hope to bump into each other again!