March 26, 2013

Talika Photo Beauty Therapy

Talika held an event in conjunction with the launching of its first skincare line which transforms light energy into cellular energy inspired by aerospace energy. I know, sounds like such a breakthough, ain't it!

The Photo Beauty Therapy Line.

Talike since 1948.

All of the invitees were divided into groups and we had an ice breaking session for 10 minutes. We were given magazines and were asked to cut out pictures for a collage on a board where the theme was 'light'.

My group's board!

And then this gorgeous lady, Ms Sina flew all the way from France to talk to us about this new launching!

Since we had that ice breaking session, we found out how important light was and light signifies a lot of things. Light brings us life, energy and without it we would be in darkness.

Now light energy can be transformed into dermo-repairing energy. Talika research discovered and isolated an enzyme, a genuine miracle of nature found in blue microalgae: the Photo- Beauty Enzyme(PBE) which Talika had patented and they are the only one in the market who sells products with this enzyme.

It has the incredible ability to naturally transform light energy into dermo-repairing energy and repair damaged DNA caused by daily exposure to UV rays. DNA chain breaks overtime creating gaps(dimers) which interfere with its code, prevent it from functioning correctly and accelerate the appearance of signs of ageing on the skin such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc.

Introducing their breakthrough technology with The Light Essence, the Anti Ageing line and the Brightening Line which will remedy these changes.

The Light Essence and the Anti- Ageing serum and cream which are black in colour.

The Light Essence and the Brightening Serum and Cream which are in white.

The Photo Beauty Enzyme(PBE) activated by light energy(literally!) and converts into dermo-repairing energy. The PBE eliminates dimers in just a few nanoseconds, allowing DNA to recover its original form and functional capacities, and skin to regain optimal performance.

The Photo Beauty Therapy products above contain only 0.2% PBE whose efficacy has been tested on human skin.

48 hours after treatment, 87% of changes to DNA caused by UVA are repaired!
Sounds really amazing!

There was a demonstration later on how to apply the products and we were each allowed to test the products ourselves as well.


Products for testing. I love the classy packaging. 

The Anti- Ageing serum.

I found out all their products are so lightweight, non greasy and easily absorbed. Even when the serums and creams were applied overlapping each other, it was still non greasy and non oily. It was truly awesome to hear about the benefits and the serum/cream had a rose scent and how fast it absorbed were all amazing!

Since the PBE will only be activated with light, whether natural or artificial, it does not mean you have to go for sun tanning or stand under the light for it to work *laughs* While you apply, if there's some light in your room, it will already be activated. Hence, it is as useful at night as it is in the morning.

I'm especially in love with the Light Essence serum, RM349 for 140ml.

It's quite watery but so lightweight and it feels just like water on skin!
This Light Essence works well with both the Anti- Ageing line and the Brightening Line.

And then we were left to mingle around and have some finger food...

It was actually very smart of Talika for the first ice breaking session as it made us able to socialise better =))
Anyway, I can't wait to try out the entire Photo Beauty Therapy range thanks to generous Talika. So wait up for my reviews on them!

Talika <3


  1. awesome so that's what happened in the workshop! wish i came earlier to join in the light collage activity :O

  2. Yeah, we missed you for the collage session!!