March 19, 2013

Beauty Boxes in Malaysia

It's a beauty box craze these days. I quite like the idea of beauty boxes. Beauty boxes are where you pay a certain amount monthly and you get a box of different beauty products such as skincare, perfume, cosmetics, body care and more in deluxe sample sizes or if you’re lucky, a full-sized product! Sometimes you might get some discount vouchers in there too. All of that delivered right at your doorstep!

At first, there are no beauty boxes in Malaysia and the nearest we can get is subscribing from Singapore. However, now, there are more and more beauty boxes unveiling in Malaysia and there are quite many to choose from!

There's a monthly fee for each box but if you subscribe quarterly, half yearly or annually, it'll be cheaper.

So, here's some of the beauty boxes that I know of:

1. Modbox

For RM9 per month(but does not include postage fee), this is the cheapest beauty box so far. You can hand pick your samples from a selection given. They even have a Modshop online where you can purchase the full size products after you have sampled them in their boxes.
Update: My latest review of Modbox

Box Culture is priced at RM99 for 3 months. However, they have just recently released a 1-month subscription option for a collector’s edition in April 2013. The 1 month subscription is RM33/cosmobox. The CosmoBox will be sent directly to your door every 3rd week of the month.


The MIVVA beauty box can be subscribed for RM38 per month and has 5-6 beauty deluxe products which will be delivered on the first week of each month. They have the MIVVA points system where you can collect points by writing a review or refer friends and when you reach certain points, you can get a box for free!

4. Wonderbox

Wonderbox is at RM45 per month and they have also this Wonderpoints system where you can collect points by writing a review or making videos etc and you can redeem a free box. 

This one is unique. Instead of a beauty box, the items are packed in a pretty cosmetic 'bag' with different designs every month! This is their debut month and it's RM39.90/month and comes in sweet surprises. The debut bag even has a movie ticket in it!
Update: Here's my take on it: Bag of Love

It is the only premium- brand beauty box in Malaysia with a selection of specially curated beauty and cosmetics products from premium and luxury brands. Their first box was sold out in 3 days! All their other boxes are selling like hot cakes!

For RM50/month, Vanity Trove is now customizable! You can choose your own samples up to 6 samples. It started from Singapore and now Malaysia has its own Vanity Trove. It has also now transformed into a beauty forum where you can share beauty tips. 
Update: My latest review of VT.

If it's a surprise beauty box, it is quite interesting and exciting to unveil the box of surprise once you've received it. The only thing is that, you might get disappointed if it's all sample size and not worth the money you paid for. Also, since you don't know what is inside, sometimes it's a product you're allergic to or something which you've already bought. Which is why some boxes where you can choose your own samples are better.

I do think beauty boxes are really nice gift packs for birthdays! I would definitely buy one of these boxes for my girl friends' birthdays or perhaps occasions such as Valentine's, Christmas etc. They make great gifts ^^


  1. hi! thank you for the review. you make it easier for me to choose. maybe you should give review on your favourite product ;)

  2. Thank you! I haven't tried all boxes yet so it's hard for me to say if one's better than the other but the ones I've tried, I already did a review on them and you can check them out =)