November 12, 2015

Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal

In order for us to search for effective beauty products, we must focus on the skin's capacity to recognise and use active botanicals. In the end, what use is an active ingredient, even if it is natural, if cannot be assimilated by our skin? Assimilation is a complex and multi faceted phenomenon, a true obstacle course for active ingredient. Yves Rocher is pleased and proud to illustrate this with the Ice Plant, also known as the Life Plant, at the heart of their new range, Serum Vegetal.

The Ice Plant goes through many processes before it is incorporated into the beauty products.
Yves Rocher brought us through the simulation of the different processes Ice Plant go through before the final product. 

Extremely adaptable, the Ice Plant can grow anywehre. As Yves Rocher is fortunate enough to have their own land in La Gacilly, France they can cultivate the plants themselves. Studies have been ongoing for several years to determine the best cultivation conditions and harvest period. 

The move to control the harvesting conditions has enabled them to attain the best quality collection is done at the height of its life cycle, in July after 10 to 13 weeks of growth.

The freshly harvested plant is then quickly put into the exclusive extraction process. 

The above-ground parts are extracted and processed at -70 degress Celcius to release the organic acids and polyosides, the water making up the botanical cells, rich in minerals. This doesn't cause any degradation of the active molecules.

After that, it goes through Cryogenic grinding where it involves cooling of the plant with liquid nitrogen which results in the production of fine particles, Enzymes are then added to free the plant's active ingredient from cell walls.

And so the New Serum Vegetal is born!

Here are the three ranges from Serum Vegetal.

To combat wrinkles & lifting.

To combat wrinkles & firmness.

To combat wrinkles & radiance.

We were introduced to the ranges and tried them hands-on.

This is the complete range for anti wrinkle and firmness.


Using milk cleanser, we wiped off our makeup and cleansed our face thoroughly.
It has a very nice smell.


Wet a cotton and..

..slightly pat on the face,

Plumping serum.

One to two pumps suffice for the entire face.

Ta-dah! Fresh skin after the 3 step skincare.

Dab on a little moisturiser before makeup...

...and apply their newest anti aging BB cream with SPF 20.

Then add on some colour and...

Here I am... all ready for date night =)

The range didn't dry up my skin but leaving it fresh and hydrated. It has an overall nice botanical scent and it stimulates the mTOR(in vitro cells) which reactivates the cellular mechanisms that fights wrinkles. 

Serum Vegetal is suitable for all skin types and meets the need of every woman. Don't think because you're young you don't need anti aging products. Prevention is better than cure and so start even from as young as 25 years old as it's the ideal age to start on anti aging. 

Thanks Yves Rocher for making me younger hehe =)

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