November 11, 2012

Blue highlights!!

I always change my hairstyle around this time of the year *laughs* So happened it's around the same time for three years in a row now. Last two years, I dyed my whole head red in A Saloon and stucked to that colour. Last year, I chopped my hair and dyed my hair purplish red for the Cleo hair makeover. Well, this year...after being influenced with the trendy dip dye hair and coloured highlights, I've decided to go blue just to be a lil eccentric =p

Actually, I have wanted to highlight part or parts of my hair a pop of colour like purple, pink or blue for quite some time already. Just that I haven't figured out what I really wanted to do or where. Even on that day itself, I was still consulting with my hairdresser on what to do.

Finally, I decided to highlight my hair blonde first as I didn't want to bleach and spoil my hair. Only then, the blue was highlighted on top of the blonde.

While waiting for the colour to set in XD

It's because I didn't bleach that the blue didn't come out as dark as was shown in the sample. It turned out to be ash blue. I'm still satisfied regardless =))

My blue highlights!! <3

Now, I can has blue hair too *laughs*

I know the colour can't last long so I'm trying to keep the blue as long as I can before it all fades away and I'm left with greenish highlights *laughs* because as it is now my blonde is showing quite a little at the roots and mixed with blue, it's greenish LOL

So, I'm trying to wash my hair with colour treated shampoo and I'm still getting used to the colour. Since the blue looks faded as I did not bleach, I look a bit pale with it XD My hair seems a bit dry too >.< All in the name of fun! *laughs*

Probably when the blue fades, I might try a different colour; violet perhaps? =p

I did my hair at:
Nikel Hair Studio Academy,
73.1 Jalan Puteri 5/7,
Bandar Puteri Puchong 47100, 

Visit their website: Nikel Hair Studio Academy. The saloon offers reasonable pricing, a variety of services and the place has ample parking which was great!

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