November 19, 2012

McDonalds free Egg McMuffin!!

I'm sure almost everyone knows that today, 19th November, McDonalds would be giving out free Egg McMuffins in the morning. This is in conjunction with McDonalds Breakfast Day!!

I would have gotten up just to join in the fun but the thought of lining up with 1,000 other people would have made me go back to sleep anyway *laughs* So, I let every other people line up for their favourite breakfast and was soundly asleep. Then I woke up to find that my mum actually lined up and got an Egg McMuffin for me...Now, say awwwwww *heart melts*

I told her about it the day before and perhaps might have even joked about waking me up for it. I guess since she saw me still in dreamland she went on behalf of me *laughs* She queued for 20 minutes!! Not too bad right? Haha

Here's the yummylicious Egg McMuffin!!

Truth be told, I never woke up in time to go to McD and get my breakfast set LOL...So, yeah laugh all you want, this is my first time trying the Egg McMuffin *hides face* and it's really delicious!! The egg is sooo soft that the white just melts in your mouth together with the cheese...yummmmssss

McDonalds should do this more often #justsaying hehehee

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