November 23, 2012

Only Beauty Bloggers Party Launch

Only Beauty held their very first party launch for 10 bloggers and treated all of us to some relaxing spa mani/pedi and many other fun stuffs!!

Firstly, the dress code was PINK!

OOTD: pink dress from MY Bazaar!

It was held at Posh! Nail Spa TTDI. The interior and setting of the place was very girlish and beautiful!! Plus it was specially decorated for the launch with balloons!!

Mirrors to camwhore =p

See all those gorgeous heart shaped balloons?? It was sponsored by PartyMooMoo. They do gift balloons and delivery and their gift sets will melt any girls heart!!

Lurve this banner!!

Check out Posh! Nail Spa's wide array of nail polishes!!

The OPI range and the skyfall theme looks so tempting!!

Since they were 10 of us, we were divided into two groups. I was in the first group to do our mani/pedi. We started off with our indulgence spa pedicure.

My therapist cleaning my nails.

The leg scrub and moisturiser.

Ta-dah!! Nice clean nails and moisturised legs =)

While we were enjoying our pedicure, Only Beauty's boss made a short opening speech.

Mr.Wong greeting us.

Then Tammy, Only Beauty's marketing manager gave an introduction about Only Beauty and the program of the day.

After that, here comes our next activity; Colour Personality by Ms.Eve.

Everyone's birthdate will tell you what's your own colour. Hence, Eve was there to calculate our birthdate and what colour are we and that colour will be used as our nail polish colour! Cool, right?

We had to pick our favourite colour from balloons!

In the colour wheel, there are essentially 9 colours. We were first asked to pick what colour do we think we are and see whether it matches later..

Guess which colour I thought I was and which is my real colour personality? I think it's pretty obvious hehe

Let me share with you on how to calculate your own colour personality. You should add all the numbers in your birthdate till you get a single digit number.

For example, if your birthdate is 18/12/1990:
You should just do simple addition; 1+8+1+2+1+9+9+0= 31
Then, add again; 3+1=4
Now when you reach a single digit number, that's your number. Cross refer to the colour wheel.

1= Red
2= Orange
3= Yellow
4= Green
5= Blue
6= Indigo
7= Violet
8= Magenta
9= Gold

Mine was gold *laughs* Are you as surprised about your own colour personality as I am?? So what do the colours mean? Check it out at Colourzwork

And so my nails were painted with gold!

Other bloggers getting theirs painted =)

My gold-plated nails hehe

Next, manicure!!

Enjoying the process =)

Not any manicure, it's gelish manicure =) YAY!!

Using UV light for long lasting effect.

My light shimmery gold gel polish!

Our toe nail polish! Wee~ so colourful!

After that was my favourite session!! It's laughter yoga session!! OMG!! This session was hilarious ^^

Ms. Kit Ti, a certified laughter yoga therapist from Ascella Consulting conducting the session.

Her laugh is crazily infectious!!

To those who know me very well will know that I will definitely excel in this session LMFAO!! Laughing is my best feature =p And yes, in fact I laughed till my stomach hurts and I couldn't stop laughing in the entire session and tears were even starting to come out -.- It was just exercises of laughters. 10 minutes of the exercise and we were feeling our stomach and jaws starting to ache LOL I think I might have embarrassed myself a little as well *blush*

This is called the teh tarik laugh!! Hahaha

Let me tell you a fact: Our body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. However, when you laugh, your body produces endorphin and it'll make you feel lighter, happier and it's a stress reliever. So, fake your laughter till you make it!!

Then, it's makan time!! But before that, pictures...

Me and Fish. We are the golden girls hehe as we had the same colour!

Picture credit: ohfishiee Love her camera in beauty mode =)

With some of the bloggers. 

With Tammy and Kit Ti. 

Here comes the refreshments for us...


Milk tea.

Tuna sandwiches.

Eggs with salmon eggs.


The fan favourite; rainbow cake!! Looks soo nice especially with the instagram filter hehe Lurve all Wondermilk creations!!

Photo session!

Cake cutting ceremony.

The Only Beauty bloggers bunch!!

My gold nails..Loving it!

Thank you Only Beauty for the generous review goodies worth RM 300!!!

Had such a pampering day and with loads of laughters!! =)) Wana thank the Only Beauty team for planning this day for us and to everyone for making it such a joyful day =))

Visit Only Beauty for free samples right at your doorstep!!


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