November 30, 2012

L'OREAL Renewal Lash Serum review

You know how we Asians have smaller eyes than most races? And we're always trying out new ways to 'open' up our eyes to make it big like dolls =p And dream of having long and thick lashes and curled up with three coats of mascara for an added 'big eye' effect? Well, dream no more..  

Now we can with the help of L'OREAL Renewal Lash Serum. It not only strengthens lashes but also improves growth of long and thick lashes =)   


And so I put the lash serum to test for one week. I used it day and night everyday for the past 7 days. Here's the results:

BEFORE: Short, weak lashes.

AFTER: Longer, fuller and stronger lashes! 
I was actually quite surprised to see this difference in a such a short time!!

For better comparison:

My barely visible lashes before application.

After one week, see the difference in the length of my lashes!

If it is used constantly for one month, here's the result of a study done by L'OREAL:

Since I definitely did see improvement in just one week, I believe there'll be drastic changes in my lashes in a month's time. So, I can actually throw away all my falsies =p

For best results, apply twice a day; once in the morning and once at night.

Step 1- on the root of lashes.

Step 2- Below the lashes with the curved part of applicator.

Longer lashes with mascara FTW!! Was never a fan of falsies anyway =))

- Not sticky. No clumping of eyelashes.
- No strong scent.
- Shows improvement; eyelashes are thicker and longer.
- Less to none falling of eyelashes when mascara is removed. This is the best part as eyelashes take quite long to grow back after falling off.
- Flexible applicator for smooth application.
- When applied in the morning, it can be used under a mascara(just wait for it to dry)
- It only needs a few seconds to apply on both lashes.

- This product needed to be used day and night everyday to achieve best results. I'm quite a lazy person >.< So, you have to be quite hardworking and remember to apply for the benefit of your lashes hehe But it's not really time consuming.
- The shape of the product made it cannot stand. You'll have to either put it lying down or lean it against something. I'd prefer for the packaging to be flat and square so that it can stand =)

If you're keen to have lashes like mine =) you can always try out this product!!

Thank you Only Beauty- Malaysia's Best Sampling Website that gives beauty product samples for free without any payment needed =))

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  1. I had used these product to, it's works in amazing ways.