April 9, 2013

Just Gorgeous Great Guardian Makeover

As the industry leader, Guardian organised the Great Guardian Makeover for the sixth consecutive year inviting its customers to attain a healthy lifestyle and unleash their inner beauty because Guardian knows the value of looking good and feeling great!

Themed 'Just Gorgeous, Just You', the Great Guardian Makeover is aimed at empowering its customers to discover and achieve a look that brings confidence and personal satisfaction. Guardian's aspiration is to create awareness and promote the importance of loving life by maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only through relevant health supplements but also personal grooming.

The event was held on 6th-7th April at One Utama Shopping Centre(old wing) ground floor concourse area. Customers who purchased a minimum of RM30 from any Guardian stores including one product from a participating brand were entitled to purchase a RM10 ticket for the makeover which comes with a goodie bag.

Each participant enjoyed a 20-minute session which covers a makeover by make up artists and hairstylists from 'A Cut Above Academy'. After that, a picture would be taken by a professional photographer and a framed picture will get to be brought home!

More than 1,000 ladies including men turned up for this event where they were overwhelmed with great bargains at the concourse area and learnt how a short makeover can transform their look!

The emcee launching the event.

Opening dance gambit.

Dancers then transformed to having butterfly wings to signify this 'transformation event'.

Live Life. Love Life. Just Gorgeous.

5 lucky Guardian Facebook fans received an instant makeover and had a mini catwalk show. 

The introduction of all makeup artists and hair stylists from 'A Cut Above Academy'.

The lively launching!

Some of the participating brands which had awesome bargains at the concourse were:

Hada Labo




The makeoever booths.

The media were invited for the early launching and we had first dibs for the makeover.

Before the makeover. Bare faced XD

All makeup sponsored by Maybelline!

My makeup artist working her magic.

Make up done and off to hair-do.

We could choose out of four types of hairstyles. Guess which I chose?

Funny part about my hair. 
My hair was too long and thick and so my hairstylist started to do my bun and couldn't achieve the look...

And then the teacher I guess came and helped...

And then two hairstylists had to curl my long and wavy hair *laughs* 
I tell you my hair's such a hassle, gona cut it soon XD

Tadah! The end result. Before and after.
I actually loved the look! It was not too dramatic, my hair was curled perfectly and I was very happy with the results =)) Thanks to my makeup artist and 3 hairstylists LOL

Warning: More selca pics!! Hehe..Well, after makeovers, have to camwhore right? Or else, wasted! =p

I chose the hairstyle of Diana Agron(from Glee) and her bouffant was much higher but I requested for a more subtle and lower bun coz well, I had class later and I didn't want to look like a prom queen hehe
Received many good comments on my overall look <3

Alright, that's enough! On to lunch for the media at Petite Millie. Met some nice bloggers and PRs there =) We got to choose our appetizers and main course from a selection and a fruit platter for dessert. 

My salad for appetizer. It was very light and really good. Love the radish!

Lamb shoulder. It looks plain but tastes not bad! The food at Petite Millie is good-really!

Fruit platter for dessert and we had free flow of soft drinks.

Thanks Guardian and Petite Millie for the food <3 
Actually, right after the makeover, we had a mini photoshoot, however, we were asked to come back an hour later for them to process the pics. So, it was just nice, after lunch, we went back to the concourse area and got our pics.

Here's mine! Not my best pic but ok-lah!

Met blogger Swee San there.
This is us after our makeovers =)

Thank you so much Guardian for your generosity of that overflowing goodie bag!!

The Just Gorgeous makeover event ended on Sunday, 7th April, however the concourse promotion at 1 Utama(old wing) will continue until 14th April 2013 showcasing products and promotions from the 18 participating brands such as Maybelline, L'OREAL, Neutrogena, Palmers, Bio Essence and many more!

Most bloggers were invited through the Butterfly Project-Beauty Bloggers FB group. It's an awesome group which gives a lot of bloggers many opportunities to attend such fun events. So, if you're a blogger, you are welcome to join the bandwagon and get opportunities and interact with other friendly bloggers as well! Thank you Butterfly Project for working hard to bring such fun events to us bloggers!

See you next year =)
Dress: D&D
Bag: Nose

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