September 2, 2012


I have never experienced sauna and was curious to try out. I heard the nearest best place was Ecoparadise. Then, thanks to Mary Chia and Ecoparadise, I finally got to experience their famous Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy *excited*

I went with my girl to their branch in Gardens.

We were greeted with friendly reception and before you step in, you must take off your shoes. So the entire place inside is very clean because everyone is barefooted. Also, the ambience inside is very calm and quiet.

It's quite dark and dimly lit for like a romantic setting.

We were brought around to survey the place and briefed about this Hot Bed Therapy and its benefits. This concept comes from Japan. It claims to keep your body younger and healthier by absorbing antioxidants to counter the harmful effects of free radicals.

Everyone will be given a key to a locker, a set of robe and two towels each; one small towel to wipe your sweat and the big one for bathing.

The blue robe. It's actually a shirt and trousers. I feel like I'm going for karate lessons =p It's a Japanese concept so we must dress like them I guess lol

Ok, it's quite a funny thing as it's my first time and the battle of whether to wear my undergarments with my robe or not came to my mind. We were contemplating and then the woman told us that best advised to take them off. So, it's really quite comfortable to just wear the robe and nothing inside *laughs* 

Each will also get a thermos with water to be brought inside the therapy room. 
And it's not normal mineral water. It is antioxidant alcaline water.

Since no electronic devices were allowed in the room, I have no pictures. But it's like the picture below:

You just lie down on the tiles with a wooden thing for your 'pillow' and just sweat it out. 

The first step into the room, I was like 'Woahhhh, sooo HOT!! My feet are burning' *drama* But after awhile, I was used to the heat. Your skin might feel like burning when you lie down at first but it just needs some getting used to. Then just lay there, rest, sleep if you want, sweat all the toxic out and after 40 minutes, you can come out. Then when you're thirsty, drink the water from the thermos. It's kept cool inside so it's really refreshing to drink it. 

So the room is painted with a special kind of paint which is a mixture of eco paint with earth powder, fitted with antioxidants which supplies negative ions to customers. The temperature of the room is around 42-45 degrees Celsius. It is different from sauna because sauna is very humid in the room with a lot of water dripping. Here the humidity is controlled because the wall absorbs it and they use hot pipes underground hence no dripping water. Therefore, we could breathe easily in the hot temperature and relax.

After sweating heavily and my whole back was wet, it's now time to rest outside before shower.

The view which is the Gardens shopping mall!

The resting lounge has quite a view. Actually, when you're shopping at Gardens, take a look at the highest floor, and you might see some people resting there watching you shopping LOL


The resting lounge has a TV, water filter to refill your thermos, weighing machine(my favourite! I weighed twice for fun) magazines to read and comfy chairs.

Then they will serve you an enzyme drink..

It tasted like erm...enzyme. Very sweet though.

Resting XD

Rest as long as you want, no one's going to chase you away(I think) then when you're ready to shower, go back to the locker room which also serves as the bathroom.

I love the pink mat! Such nice touch for the girls room =)

After shower, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed!!

I really loved the experience. It was very relaxing. I think I might have lost some weight haha.. If I have a chance, I will definitely go back again.

You may say, we can have our own sauna in our own living room sometimes since the weather is crazy these days -.- But this is an antioxidant therapy with health benefits. I'm sure you don't feel rejuvenated after sweating in your room right? lol So, yes, that's why I will go back again for more sweating sessions hehe

For more info visit Ecoparadise

Guess what? I loved it so much I went back for 2 more times: Dreamer-Ecoparadise!

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