September 15, 2012

What to expect when you're expecting

Another one of those old movies I didn't watch in the cinema...Funny how those movies are soo good but didn't have the time to catch it back then XD

I love a star studded movie!! It never fail to entertain.

Firstly, the amount of celebrities in this movie is wayyy too many!! Something like Expendables 2!!

The main ladies are Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Brooklyn Decker and Anna Kendrick. All of them are sooo hottt(even while pregnant!) with the exception of Elizabeth Banks coz her pregnancy turned out to be hell for her LOL

And let me tell you their partners are even hotter with Matthew Morrison, Rodrigo Santoro and Chace Crawford leading the hot man line and the many many other dads!!

My favourite of all partners in this movie is Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison followed by Anna and Chace Crawford. They were very very sweet =)) It was such a feel good movie. Nothing serious, nothing scary or sad, just a good family movie. I enjoyed it very much!! There were some hilarious parts and touching moments.

This movie depicts both the lady and guy's side on what to expect when you're expecting. Some women find pregnancy such a breeze like just sneezing and a baby pops out(!) like how Brooklyn Decker does which was too funny while others cannot get pregnant, have miscarriages or find the pregnancy process very daunting. On the other hand, the men deal with their own problems by having a 'Dudes' group where they talk about their problems and no one gets judged. It's all very real.

This movie is actually a film adaption of a book with the same name. Stars line up include Dennis Quaid, Chris Rock, Joe Manganiello, Ben Falcone, with cameo appearances by Whitney Port, Cheryl Cole, Taboo from B.E.P and many many others.

Such gorgeous cast!!

My rating: 3 and a half stars

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