September 6, 2012

Skytrex Adventure

I must say, of all the sports I did, this must be the one I'm most proud of  =))

Me and my friends went to Bukit Cahaya and tried out the Skytrex Adventure. There we so many people on weekends! After much contemplation, we took the Extreme challenge!! That's the hardest challenge in Skytrex. There's Little Adventure for small kids, Big Thrill or Extreme Challenge. I suggest if you have not been active outdoors or is the scared of heights type, do try the Big Thrill challenge first >.<

There's a huge carpark area and you park for free. Then you can proceed to the entrance to buy the tix. The Extreme Challenge cost RM50 but if you have 10 in a group, you get a 10% discount. I say, go with a group of friends because this is not the kind of activity to do alone. You need your friends to encourage you and help you out and just have a fun time after all the tiring obstacles.

The carpark area.

The bus will then take you to the obstacles area which is a huge place full of greeneries!

Inside of the bus

The obstacles area

There'll be a small briefing of what are the safety precautions and a toilet break because there'll be absolutely no toilet breaks for the next 2 and a half hours once you start the obstacles XD Bring your own gloves or you can buy it there for RM3.

The RM3 glove. I would prefer if it was wholly covered though XD because my fingers had blisters after =(

Lockers to keep your belongings so that your bag won't weigh you down.

Each will also be provided with a harness. Make sure it's not too tight or else you'll feel very uncomfortable for the entire time.

And then we started with the obstacles. My goodness, I did things I didn't know I was capable of. I climbed ladders so high I thought I was gona give up, I went through flying foxes so high up and so far between that I thought I was going to fall anytime, I walked on hanging tubes so high above ground I thought I couldn't continue anymore due to sore arms, I walked on ropes which required so much of my strength I thought I would just give up half way and chicken out.

But point is, I went through it all and didn't give up and neither did I chicken out! I went through each obstacles and came out successful!!! It was amazing that I could finish all of it. I myself didn't know I had it in me to be that courageous and have the strength to continue no matter how hard the challenge was or how tired I was.

Trust me, the extreme challenges were not easy at all! You MUST be prepared to do activities that require a lot of physical strength and mental strength as well to push you to finish the challenges. It was super demanding!

Saw that freaking high ladder!

Flying Fox

This was the mother of all challenges!! Walking on those small tubes hanging so high above ground was the scariest thing I have ever done! You have no idea how many times I've asked God to save me >.<

Walking on the rope

These challenges really tested my strength and I pushed to the highest limit! It was satisfying being able to finish it and now I have bragging rights *laughs* To those who don't dare after attempting the extreme challenge, there's a 'chicken out' route LOL Also sometimes, when there'a a really really hard challenge and you can't do it, take the easier one by just flying fox to the next obstacle hehe...The instructor was funny when he said, if you chicken out make sure you walk away with your heads down =p

One thing I've got to say, the facilities were very well maintained. The ropes, ladders, harnesses and the equipment were tough and strong. I was actually really scared that one of the ropes would break and I would fall. However, it was all good =)) Further, the washrooms were clean as well and the entire environment was very well looked after!

But of course, no outdoor activities I've attempted without souvenirs to bring home...


This was the mood breaker. I was overjoyed that I've come to the final obstacle and then that obstacle had these nettings all over and it scratched me >.< When I saw my arm, I was like OMG!! I was fine the entire challenge until the last one had to do this to my arm. *sadness* Of course, with my purpura simplex condition, it had to be that big of an abrasion *adoiiii*

But anyway, I came back safe and alive! I'm nursing all these sore arms and legs and bruises on my arm and some minor ones on my knees. I did have fun though hehe...If you are an adrenaline junkie, I really recommend you to go for the extreme challenge. It'll be worth your time and money!

Visit Skytrex for more info.

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