September 16, 2012

Mary Chia facial

Thanks to Mary Chia, after attending their VIP party, I was invited back for a complimentary facial =) I went to their branch at Sunway Pyramid.

It's along Marrakesh row

The consultation room. Love the deco...It's all red and pink!

The reception

I already had a skin analysis with them previously which was quite horrifying and a reality slap to my face *facepalms* I think of all the moisture test, pore test, skin evenness, texture, etc, I only passed TWO -.- It's bad and I was horrified!

So anyway, the beautician suggested a facial that will suit my skin condition which is the Purifying New Facial(PNF) It's for hydration as my face is dehydrated >.< I was also given a small cup of herbal tea.

Then I was brought to my room which was quite small but very cozy. 

The pink bed hehe

I must say due to all the towels and blankets, it made the bed so fluffy and so soft and just absolutely comfortable!! I almost doze off during the facial. 

The equipment

The silky pink robe...soo comfy =)

My facial is actually worth RM250 and includes:
-Face Massage
-Shoulder and chest massage
-Softening gel(to soften the blackheads)
-Steamer(to open up pores)
-Eyebrow Shaping
-Hydrating ampoule
-Cooling mask
-Hydrating ampoule again
-Ultrasound(for better penetration)
-Double aloevera cooling mask
-Moisturiser with sunblock
-Head and shoulder massage

My face mummified!! *laughs* This is the double aloevera mask.

It took around 2 hours for everything to be done. It was so relaxing especially the massages. Such coincidence as well because I was still nursing my aches and soreness 2 days after Skytrex  and the massage totally helped to release some tension =)

Further, the beautician was very friendly and explained each step. I liked it that way so that I was not at loss at what they were putting on my face. The room temperature was just nice although it got colder towards the end. The lighting was dim and I really enjoyed the entire process!! My face, although a bit red from the extraction process, but at night it was all gone and my face looks cleaner, supple and smooth =)

After I was done, they were not pushy to wanting me to sign up for their packages. In fact, they even gave me a goodie bag!

How cute is this ribbon bag?? =)

Only thing is that I wished that room has a locker for my bag and stuff. Also, mostly they speak Chinese but you can request for English speaking. And there's no washroom inside Mary Chia. If you want, you need to go outside and use the shopping complex's washroom. But it's not far.

But it was very generous of them for this complimentary facial! They have some promotions going on. So if you are interested, you can visit Mary Chia

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