September 18, 2012

The five-year engagement

This is another funny show. Got the DVD and Jason Segel is the best comedian! I love him from How I Met Your Mother! He co-wrote this script and was one of the producer as well. He and Emily Blunt were perfect for this movie. They have great chemistry!

Since it's called a 5-year engagement, you must already know there's bound to be some glitches along the way to postpone the wedding that long. I really love the storyline and how Jason and Emily got through it all  and though the ending was predictable, it was such a sweet love story. 

The best part about this movie is what I found out AFTER watching it! They actually created a full website for their so called wedding. Tom(Jason Segel) and Violet(Emily Blunt) had their very own 'faux' website to update about wedding stuffs.

This blog is hilarious. They added in funny comments, pictures, videos and if you did not watch the movie, you would have thought Jason and Emily were getting married in real life, only that their names were changed to Tom and Violet!! Check out

This is by far the best promotional stunt for a movie one can do. To have that faux blog and doing all those videos really needed a lot of effort and kudos to the team for making it happen.

This movie is actually quite long but it was all very entertaining. I hope to see Jason and Emily work with each other again in other movies =))

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