September 12, 2012

Superstars of Magic 2

Superstars of Magic and Superstars of Magic 2 were both great events with a completely different set of magicians from all over the world performing at Genting International Showroom. I had the privilege to witness both and this year, the second installment had this set of magicians who were very unique in their own style.

The host was Chipper Lowell, Mr Funnyman who is a two time Comedy Magician of the Year winner!

I loved his interaction with the audience...He performed as well but just during intermission.

The show then started off with the first stage performer, Charlie Frye and Company.

He is a variety act performer and performed various types of magic. His assistant is his wife(pic) and his best act in my opinion is the juggling. He can juggle so many balls and so many other things at one time!! Impressive!!

Next was my favourite magician of that night!! I have never seen a magician so cool while performing and he dances pretty well!! He is card manipulator, Nestor Hato!!

It was a high speed card manipulation and the music just blended very well with his dancing. It was very entertaining indeed. Loved the part where he changed his hair colour to his silver hair!!

He is sooo good looking!! *loves*

Then there's the master of pickpocket. Better don't go near him or else he'll take everything from you *laughs* Christian Lindemann is one funny man! He keeps promoting his FB page and asked people to like him. Hilarious and he likes to say, 'I Like' hahahaha

Poor the man who was being brought on stage. His everything got pick pocketed and it was just too funny! Btw, Christian Lindemann looked really different with his drawn up moustache on stage.

Looks different, no?

Then there's escape artist, Dean Gunnarson who currently holds two world records. 
His was the most dangerous act among all of the performers. He was supposed to get inside a barrel filled with water and handcuffed and supposed to escape out of it. 

Asking an audience to check chains, handcuffs and the barrel

Locked inside and waiting to escape. This is where the audience was supposed to hold our breath with him. I can't even stand after 30 seconds. He was inside for more than 2 minutes!!

And of course, he finally escaped and we were all relieved =))

With the 'World's Greatest Escape Artist'

And the most stylish pair has to be Asia's best illusionists, JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning!! My goodness, Ning was sooo hawt!! Her short hair, her sexy top and her stylish acts were really fascinating!! 

Theirs had the biggest props with a huge fan and she appeared out of nowhere at one act. Very impressive!! She is the hottest magician around, really!!

Then one whole family of magicians performed as well. It started off with the youngest boy, Tigran Petrosyan who is one of the youngest manipulation artist.

Followed by his brother, Sos Petrosyan Junior, also a card manipulator...

But their parents, Sos and Victoria Petrosyan are award winning Quick Change duo. 

She changed so fast in a matter of a few blinks, Victoria would have changed 4-5 times already -.- And all her clothes were not bulky, mind you to hide clothes inside. All were sexy, skimpy and beautiful and in a matter of a blink, she changed into another outfit! Sos also played with some fire and it was a good combination, both of them! I really enjoyed their show! No wonder they trained their sons in this magic world so that they could all perform together!

Overall, it was a very good show. You'll be left mesmerised by all those magic =))

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